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A Very Cherry Apron – Cherry Aprons on Sale

When looking through one of my favorite aprons shops I came across this fabulous apron with cherries on it (You have to scroll down the page about 5 aprons down). Not only is this fun and flirty cherry patterned apron perfect for spring and early summer, but it screams 1950’s with a very modern twist and cut.  It has a bright cherry red apron strings that go over your shoulders and tie in a bow and I absolutely love the red and white vertical striped ruffles and matching waist ties on this gorgeous cherry patterned apron.

The ruffles and pattern of the waist ties remind me of a candy striper or even sort of like a fun ribbon candy pattern.  The cherries that make up the main pattern of this fabulous and flirty cherry apron spin around in just about every direction.  You also have a bunch of different groups of one, two or three cherry clusters with beautiful green stems and each one has a gorgeous green leaf.  It is the perfect gift for the person who loves to bake, especially if they do pies, turnovers or even for someone who does jams and enjoys modern cut clothing with vintage and classic looks.  I could completely imaging Bree Van De Kamp from Desperate Housewives wearing this while she bakes her welcome baskets for people moving to Wisteria Lane.

A Very Cherry Apron - Cherry Patterned Aprons

A Very Cherry Apron - Cherry Patterned Aprons

Women’s Apron Very Cherry– For just $34.95 you can buy this fabulous cherry patterned retro apron with red shoulder straps and a candy striped waistband.The classic pattern with a modern cut and design is perfect for a summer gift for a party, a cookout or even just as a thinking of you for the person who loves to bake.

If you have a friend who makes classic recipes and enjoys vintage looks but is more modern and trendy, this cherry pattern apron is the perfect gift for her.If you need a gift for someone that loves to bake but has everything she already needs, surprise her in the spring or summer with this fun and unique gift.  She’ll love the cut and adore the colors.

You cannot go wrong with the cherry apron from Flirty Aprons and she will love wearing it while she bakes.  She may even end up baking something extra for you just as a thank you for the awesome unique gift.  Buy something special that she would enjoy like this cherry apron and give a gift that she will love.