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Black & Pink Modern Floral Apron – Zucchini Tomato Pizza Recipe

zuchini and tomato pizza recipe

zuchini and tomato pizza recipe

The other day I made this amazing zucchini and tomato pizza that to me seems much more healthy than a regular pizza and if you are having a party, you can slice it into one and two bite slices for a perfect appetizer and finger food for your guests.  Not only was it amazing to eat, but I also had to make it again after because it was extremely easy and actually kind of fun to do.  Sorry about the bad photo quality, I used my iPhone.  Anyways, it also reminded me of a fun party styled black and pink floral apron that you could completely show this dish off in.  So after I show you the apron below, get ready to buy a zucchini squash and have this amazing and healthier version of pizza that even your kids will love.

black and pink modern apron for women Black & Pink Modern Apron for Women – $33.95

What I love about this apron isn’t just that it has an amazing and dramatic pink floral print on the front of it, but everything in the print is accented perfectly by the pitch black background and the amazing and gorgeous black neck straps and waist straps that tie in front with a bow to create drama with this look.  This black and pink floral apron for women has a vintage print with an amazingly modern style, cut and design.
One of the most popular twists to turn this black and pink womens apron into a modern look is the single ruffled bottom that runs along the entire bottom of this apron and shrinks as it moves upwards to the lower middle section of the apron perfectly outlining the bottom and making it rounded off.  You’ll love the ruffles and fringes and with the black waist straps tied in a bow around your waist with the ends of the bow hanging off in front of the ruffle, you’ll go crazy for this amazing black and pink womens apron and never want to take it off.  Not to mention that it easily matches meals and dishes that you serve with herbs, greens and vegetable plates like the one below.  I highly recommend you buy this black and pink apron for women as it is a must have for the modern and classic women who likes to cook with organic and natural ingredients, leaves, greens and vegetables.
zucchini pizza recipe

zucchini pizza recipe

Now that you’ve seen this gorgeous black and pink modern floral apron for women, here is my recipe for zucchini pizza that you would be crazy not to love.

You will need:

  • zucchini squashes (1 large one per person)
  • chopped garlic
  • minced shallot
  • sea salt
  • ground pepper
  • large fresh mozzarella balls
  • brown heirloom or campari tomatoes
  • basil
  • oregano
  • cheese shreds (asiago, fontine, parmesan mix)
  • extra virgin olive oil

Start by chopping off the end of the zucchini squash with the stem.  Now slice it long ways in half and take a spoon and scoop out a bit of the inside so you can lay the other ingredients just inside of it and they’ll stay in place.  Now take about a tea spoon or table spoon of the extra virgin olive oil and pour it into the where you scooped out the zucchini squash.  Now sprinkle on sea salt, pepper (just a pinch on both to cover it randomly), take the chopped garlic and line the center of the zucchini with it (I use a ton of it since I love garlic) and now sprinkle the basil and oregano onto the garlic.  Now slice the tomatoes or half them if they are small enough and lay on top of the zucchini.  Place this in the oven for about 20 minutes on 425…you can do 30 if it doesn’t look like the zucchini is drying out.  Now remove from the oven and take the tomatoes off of the top.  Now slice a large chuck of mozzarella cheese into discs.  Now lay them long ways across the zucchini so that they cover the garlic, etc… and place the tomatoes back over the mozzarella, then sprinkle the shredded cheese over lightly.  Now place it back in the oven for 10 to 15 minutes until the cheese melts and starts to brown, or place it on a high rack under the broiler so that it melts and browns faster.  The other option is to put it on a low or medium rack for 10 minutes then put it on broil for another 5 or ten or until the cheese melts and turns brown.  Now remove from the oven, let it cool and slice or serve however you’d like.

Thank you again for reading this blog and make sure to buy one of our aprons or the one above to help keep this blog alive so I can share more recipes with you.

Vintage Blossoms Apron and Mediterranean Burger Recipe

Although I should have used this black vintage flower blossoms apron for women with the chorizo burgers recipe in this post, it still makes me think Mediterranean food…except I’m going Greek and Italian with this one.  One of my favorite places to eat in the world is the Mediterranean.  You have Nice in France, Naples in Italy, Kudasi, Tunisia, Barcelona, Morocco and a ton of other places with amazing foods that are almost 100% unique from each other.  I cannot tell you how much I love the flavors that come from the area as well as the unique spices and how they all have one thing in common.  They are comfort foods that you can eat and relax with while soaking in sun, feeling good and you can actually taste the culture and love that has gone into these ingredients over the years.  That is why I also love this vintage flower blossoms apron for women.

The black vintage flower blossoms apron makes me think of an old time in a Spanish kitchen with an Abuela (Grandma).  It also makes me think of when I was walking through Italy and saw the moms wearing similar colors and fashions.  The flower market in Nice made me love the blossoms on this apron and the decorative fringes, straps and ruffles made me think of Turkey and Morocco.  For some reason this vintage black flower blossoms apron for women brings together all of my favorite things with food from the Mediterranean and made me think of doing my fabulous beef Mediterranean inspired burger.  The burger is more Greece and Italy than anything else, but you will love it and love serving it at a party or to your family.  The recipe is just below the apron.

vintage flower blossoms apron for women

Vintage Flower Blossoms Apron for Women – $34.95This vintage styled black, white and red flower blossom apron screams fun to me.  Not only can you use it to make something Mediterranean like the recipe below, but it is also perfect for you to use when you are cooking with your daughter since it also comes in girls sizes (and for less money!).You can wear the matching vintage flower blossom aprons to help bond with your daughter and teach her family recipes for desserts like apple pies or entrees like your secret meatloaf or sauce that has been passed down from mother to daughter.  Every family has a recipe, whether it is a Brisket, a Cookie, a Cake Batter or something else that is traditional for your family and there is no better way to share and teach it to the next generation than by doing it together with matching aprons that resemble history or vintage like this fun and fashionable vintage flower print apron for women.  I absolutely love it and know that you will too.With the gorgeous waist wraps that form a bow on the side and the red and white polka dot neck straps and front pocket, it is functional, fashionable and fabulous.  You’ll also love the matching fringe that runs along the bottom to complete the design and match the waist straps.  This is an amazingly gorgeous and fabulous vintage apron for women that you absolutely cannot pass up.

Mediterranean Burger Recipe

For the Mediterranean Burger, you will need a few things to get started.

  • Baby spinach
  • Ground beef
  • Chopped garlic
  • Diced red onion
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Chopped kalamata olives
  • Sliced brown heirloom tomatoes
  • Crumbled feta cheese
  • Kosher salt and pepper

Now take a large mixing bowl and pour in a couple of table spoons of extra virgin olive oil.  Add in the ground beef and a few pinches of salt and pepper…depending on how many burgers you are making.  Mix all of this together (you can add in bread crumbs too if you want).  Now that its mixed, take half of your baby spinach and half of your feta cheese, all of the garlic and onions (measured to taste) and the chopped kalamata olives and mix them into the ground beef.  Once mixed well enough, create your burger patties.

Now grill or cook how you normally would and when they are almost ready, mix the remaining baby spinach leaves with the remaining feta cheese and place on top of the burger so it doesn’t fall.  Now place a lid over them so that they melt onto the burger nicely.  Now slice the brown heirloom tomatoes and place a slice on top then serve on your favorite bun.

Enjoy making these amazing Mediterranean burgers and don’t forget to buy the black vintage flower apron for women above to help keep this blog going with more fun and fabulous recipes.  You can also share this post on Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook by clicking on the icons above.  This is one of my favorite summertime burger recipes and I hope you enjoy it as well.

Floral Blossoms Vintage Apron & Spicy Lemon Chicken Burgers Recipe

When I was out jogging today I was trying to think what I wanted to make for dinner and to read with my new book that just came in the mail. All of the sudden I had an inspiration for a chicken burger that I haven’t made in a long time. When I think of summer, I think of foods that can be spicy and served with something sweet like lemonade and my spicy lemon chicken burgers are the ideal burgers to serve outside to guests with regular or a fun spiked lemonade. I also found this fabulous vintage floral blossoms apron that looks perfect to wear while you are making and serving your new favorite spicy lemon chicken burgers.   You can buy the green and purple vintage floral apron by clicking on the image or link below and you can find the recipe for my fabulous burgers just below the picture of the apron.  If you enjoy either or both of them, don’t forget to shop for the apron or share it on Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook with your friends.

Green and Purple Vintage Floral Apron – $31.95

This gorgeous green and purple vintage floral apron has a modern flower print but with a fabulous vintage feel.  With green neck straps and two green waist straps that tie around your back, you’ll look fabulous as you are preparing spring and summer dishes for your friends and family.
In the middle section of this fabulous green and purple apron, you’ll find a pocket on the right hand hip side.  The pocket has a fun green bow on top of it to help add the perfect accent onto this green and purple vintage floral apron.  The bottom has two rows of ruffles on it with the top layer the same vintage floral pattern and the bottom the fun green color from the neck and waist straps.  This pattern, layout and design is perfect for any woman who enjoys a classic vintage look with a modern feel and a fashionable accessory for cooking.  Perfect for spring and summer, everyone will want to know where you found this fun and unique vintage apron and you can let them know it’s just something you saw online, or send them here to the Aprons Shop.
This is one of the best selling styles from one of my favorite aprons shops online, so hurry up and buy it before they sell out for spring and summer.  I love this design and the double layers of ruffles on the bottom are completely unique and fashionable.  Show off with this fun and flirty green and purple vintage floral apron for your next party or event.

Spicy Lemon Chicken Burgers

If you’re looking for the perfect summer meal to serve with your brand new apron, my recipe for Spicy Lemon Chicken Burgers are absolutely perfect for you.  I thought of the recipe years ago and haven’t made it for a while, but will definitely be using it again this summer for my friends.

Ground chicken meat

Chopped garlic

2 Lemons

2 or 3 Jalapenos

Cheese of your choice (Chihuahua, Swiss or something white and creamy or strong)

Take skinless and boneless chicken breasts and have the butcher grind them.  If you can find ground chicken meat, then don’t worry about this part.  Now place the ground chicken meat in a large bowl.  Take two or three jalapenos and cut them into slices or rings and add about three rings per burger that you are making.  You can also dice them if you want.  I prefer jalapeno rings instead.  Add in the chopped garlic (you can add as much as you like so it tastes as strong as you’d like) and now squeeze two lemons into the meat.  (Only use one lemon if you are doing 3 or 4 burgers as the lemon comes out strong.

Take the burger meat with everything combined and mix it all together.  Now make your burger patties and throw on a very small dash of salt.  Now place the burgers on your grill and let them cook.  Once they are about done, take a slice or as much cheese as you want and place it on the burger with a lid or bowl covering it so it melts onto the burger.  Now place the burger on a bun and top the bun with a jalapeno ring and if you want, zest your lemons and place some lemon zests around the plate or on the burger as well if you have it opened face for a more fun presentation.  Now you have some amazing Spicy Lemon Chicken Burgers to serve with your favorite summer drinks.

If you enjoyed this recipe and this apron, please share it on Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter and don’t forget to buy this green and purple vintage floral apron to help keep this site running.

I Turn Grills On Men’s Apron & BBQ Chorizo Burger Recipe

The I Turn Grills On Men’s Apron is one of the best selling aprons for men.  Not only is it a funny one for him to be able to wear during a summer picnic or bbq in the back yard, but the long length, and thick single layered, durable fabric will let them feel confident that their clothes will be clean when they finish.  The I Turn Grills On black apron for men is the perfect gift for a bbq giveaway, an anniversary for the guy who loves to grill and even for Father’s Day from you or the kids.  He’ll love the funny saying and you’ll love watching as he shows it off to all of your friends and family during get togethers…not to mention you’ll love that his clothes have a better chance of staying clean from bbq sauce and other hard to get out stains.

men's i turn grills on apron for men

men’s i turn grills on apron for men

Men’s Apron “I Turn Grills On” – $25.95This is one of the most popular black aprons for men.  Not only does he love the ego boost he gets from the I Turn Grills On saying, but he’ll love the compliments he gets from everyone at your bbq.  Even if he isn’t a Bobby Flay, he can still turn heads in this fun and durable funny apron for men.The I Turn Grills On Mens Apron is perfect for a gift for Single Fathers, Girlfriends and Wives that are comfortable with their husbands or boyfriends wearing them, bachelors and for any guy who likes to show off and has a sense of humor.  Made from a lightweight yet durable fabric, he’ll be able to grill without overheating and feeling like he’s wearing a huge, heavy cloth.  Perfect for indoor and outdoor grilling, he’ll love wearing this apron and showing off for everyone at the cookout or party.

Buy the black men’s I Turn Grills On apron for that special guy and watch as he lights up with a smile and the grill to start to cook while wearing it.  It’ll definitely become one of his favorite bbq accessories.

Now that you found the perfect gift for him, it’s time to make him use it with a fabulous bbq chorizo burger.

What you’ll need:

Ground Beef

Raw Chorizo

Fresh chopped garlic

Fresh chopped red onion

Chihuahua cheese

Take your ground beef and mix in the garlic and red onion.  Now take a bit of the chorizo and pull the casing off of it.  Roll it into small pieces and after you make your burger patties, place one of the pieces in the center of the burger.  now take the rest and roll them out into disks.  Place the burger on the grille and take the Chorizo disks and put a layer on top of each burger.  If you have any chorizo links left over, which you will, grill them like a hot dog and cut them into slices.  Now lay the slices on top of the burger and let them cook through.  Now take a slice of the Chihuahua cheese and place it on top of the chorizo half of the burger.  Cover with a bowl or a lid and let the cheese melt onto the burger. (I like to put a garlic mayonnaise or sauce underneath the cheese, but that’s only because I love garlic).  Now take the burger and place it on a bun and you are ready to serve.

These burger are amazing.  They are spicy, moist and the cheese makes them absolutely incredible.  They are perfect for summer and taste great with white wines and citrus drinks.  Make sure you have enough of everything because they also taste great the next day if you crumble them and put them in a breakfast burrito or omelet.

Thank you for reading and don’t forget to buy the men’s I Turn Grills On black apron so that I can continue to share recipes and fun cooking ideas with you all.

Sassy Red Apron for Women & Alcholic Strawberries Recipe

Sassy Red Apron for Women

I am getting ready for an outdoor summer party and I was asked to bring one of my fruit dishes and with this crown I instantly thought my vodka and tequilla cream strawberries.  I also saw this sassy red apron for women and for girls and instantly fell in love with the combination.  Do you remember in the movie Tu Wong Fu Thanks for Everything Julie Newmar when they showed up to the town and the only event in the town was their strawberry festival?

Everyone in the town got together and dressed up in their favorite red clothes, red aprons for women and made their most fabulous strawberry recipes.  If they had the ones that I am going to teach you, trust me, that party would have been a lot more fun.

Sassy red apron for women

Sassy red apron for women

Sassy Red Apron for Women & Girls – $25.95The sassy red apron for women is also the perfect one to wear when making these fun alcoholic treats as well as baking a strawberry pie or really anything that is strawberry or red.  I absolutely love the way it looks with the red and white polka dotted straps on the top and the fun floral designs all over the front. The waist band is a great stripped pattern and because it ties around the back and onto the side, you have a design that lets  you show off an hourglass figure adding in a sexy look to some seductive food.Think about it, red food is romantic.  Chocolate covered strawberries, red wine, cherry brandy or dark chocolate pomegranate martinis and even dark red glazes over chocolate cakes and brownies.  They scream romance and flirt.  When you create these amazing dished in your new sassy red apron for women, it could only add those extra emotion and love into your food so that it comes out even more amazing!The front pocket carries the patten of the red and while polka dot neck straps and the fringe that accents the bottom matches the waist straps to complete this amazing and sassy look.  I could easily see Lucille ball pulling this one off or even any other sassy woman like likes to look good no matter what she was making or which kitchen she was in.  I would guess that she wouldn’t have been able to resist this one or the black version for her own kitchen after watching her on the show.  That’s just my opinion though.If you’re a smart and sassy lady, this red women’s apron is the absolute perfect one for you.  It is smart looking, cut sexy and also very modern with a vintage print.  I love it and know that you will too.
hollowed out strawberries

hollowed out strawberries

Ok, now here is what you were also looking for, my recipes for Alcoholic Strawberries for adult parties and valentines. There are two versions I am making for summer. (I use whipped cream in the summer and buttercream in the winter solely based on the taste an heaviness of them.) Vodka Vanilla Cream Strawberries and Chocolate, Tequila Lime Cream Strawberries.

For both recipes:

Cut the top and a part of the bottom off of the strawberries so there is a flat surface the berry can stand on on the bottom. Now hollow out each strawberry but do not cut to the bottom. Leave some room. (You can also save the tops and them back on later ontop of the whipped or butter cream, however the whipped cream can’t support them for long.)

Chocolate Tequilla and Lime Buttercream Strawberries

Chocolate Tequilla and Lime Buttercream Strawberries

Vodka Vanilla Cream Strawberries:

This is extremely easy to do. You take your heavy cream and drop a little bit of pure vanilla extract into it. Now whip it until it becomes whipped cream. (If you want to cheat, get cool whip or whichever brand you prefer. Cool Whip tends to last longer.) Now, take a splash of vodka teaspoon by teaspoon and add it into the whipped cream making sure it doesn’t melt down to much. Before you get it starting to melt, stop adding the vodka and you’re done.

Chocolate, Tequila, Lime Cream Strawberries:

I prefer these with lemon, but everyone else likes them with lime so feel free to switch them out. Take your heavy cream and add a couple teaspoons of dark cocoa powder to it. Beat it until it’s whipped cream and now take a small bit of lime juice and a high end or high quality tequila and start dropping it in, but stop before the whipped cream begins to melt.


Now take the whipped cream and place it in an icing bag. Now carefully insert the whipped creams into the strawberries and top with the top of the strawberry or use a small chunk of kiwi for green, blueberries or black berries for patriotic holidays or even a vodka soaked cherry to make it even more fun for the adults.

If you are transferring them somewhere or setting them outside, freeze a baking pan with ice and line the strawberries on the ice tray for looks and to keep everything cold.

I hope you enjoy these strawberries and don’t forget to buy the sassy red apron for women so that I can keep this blog running. You can also share this post on Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook by clicking any of the buttons at the top.

High End Aqua Blue Aprons & Tea Cakes Recipes

I saw this aqua blue apron with a gorgeous chandelier pattern on it and instantly thought of a masquerade or a fancy dinner or even for preparing a fun high end tea party for the girls.  You could also use it to serve your own girls if you were doing a fun themed day of tea parties and spas with your daughter, or even for a tea party themed birthday party and have each of the moms or hostesses wear one. What’s also fun is that if you click on the image or link to view this one, there is also a pink version for girls to wear so that you can do a mother daughter cooking day or even for a fun day to teach her different things around the house.

I know it isn’t the modern woman thing to do, cooking and cleaning and teaching your daughter how to do it, but at the same time, cooking, tea parties and spa days are actually extremely fun and a great way for you to be able to bond with her.  Not only do you get to spend the day together doing things that will keep you both entertained, but you also get to talk and really catch up on everything.  Parenting can be hard which is why when you get a chance or can find a fun way to have some time to bond with your daughter, you should take it and use it to your advantage.  Not only will she remember it, but it’ll also help you to build more memories that you can bring up when she is older and both of you can think back and then do them again when she is ready to have kids as a three generation tea party.  It may sound old fashioned, but at the same time, some of these memories are what make families stronger and can help to bond generations of people together.

Designer blue aprons for women

Women’s Apron Aqua Damask– Just $34.95.If you’re like me then you loved Sex and the City when it was on.  If you’re Carrie, an apron would be an accessory that would be in the oven with her other storage items.  However, if you’re Charlotte, this aqua blue apron would be what you would use before dinner when serving your husband.Not only could I see Charlotte walking through a shop and stopping at this apron to go into one of her dreams about having a kid and buying the blue one for her and the pink kids version for her future daughter which she is always trying to have.  Not only is it completely a high class and conservative, but fun and fashionable aqua blue apron, but the black straps remind me of peacock feathers and the black waist straps that form a bow on your side are absolutely elegant.

The ruffled trip with a peacock patterned black fringe compliment the look of this apron and add in a sexy feel to the overall design while the black pouch on the front help to break up all the patterns and provide balance to this gorgeous aqua blue apron.  Because the waist straps wrap around to tie in the front, this aqua blue apron will help to show off your figure and if you are a larger person, you can tie it higher to help hide some of the curves that show in the wrong places and enhance your features where you want in the right places.  That is one of the reasons I am absolutely obsessed with the aqua blue apron.  It is classy, flattering and absolutely elegant and affordable.  It is above and beyond one of my favorites and a must have if you are the person who liked to look amazing while entertaining.

Ok, here are a couple of simple snack foods you can make and serve to show off the apron as well as your ability to entertain at a tea party with your guests or family and friends.

Cucumber Sandwhiches done my way

This is a recipe I altered for when I need to make something fast, simple and for when it is cool out.

  • 1 loaf of french bread
  • low fat cream cheese
  • Dill
  • 1 Cucumber
  • Campari Tomatoes or Heirloom (the dark ones)
  • Olive oil

Take the loaf of french bread and cut slices out of it.  I like to do it at angles so I can do more with the arrangement for plating.  Then drizzle olive oil over them and put them in the oven at 350 to toast.  You can also just toast them in a frying pan on the stove.  Now, while they are toasting, take the cream cheese and work it in a mixing bowl so it becomes soft.  You can also throw in a little bit of sour cream if you want.  Chop your dill and add it to the cream cheese and then throw in a bit of sea salt and pepper.  Now take the cucumber and tomatoes and slice them so they are round and fit on the toasted bread slices perfectly.  Spread the cream cheese mixture on the toast slices, top with either a tomato or cucumber, arrange on a plate and you’re done.

Two other fun foods to serve with this apron for a tea party are petitfores in pink and blue or if you can find animal shaped ones and you can also do iced cookies.  They match perfectly with the sandwiches and also for summer.  If you can match your aqua and blue apron, you’ll look even more impressive when you carry them out and everyone will want to know where you bought it.

The aqua and blue apron with the chandelier print and black straps is absolutely one of the most classy aprons you can find.  It is elegant, fun and has a great cut and features a ton of high end patterns.  You absolutely cannot go wrong with the aqua ablue apron for your tea party or day of cooking with your daughter.  You can also order the same one in pink if you’d like to have a matching one for your daughter to help bond even more.

Green and Purple Aprons & Pistachio & Lemon Cupcakes Recipe

So I woke up this morning (It’s Sunday but I’m lining the post up for later this week) and was craving cake. I don’t know how you feel about Sunday brunch but I crave moist, thick and dense cakes. When looking through my cabinet on what I wanted to surprise people with for brunch I found a fabulous lemon cake batter and was inspired to alter it to make it a fun Lemon and Pistachio cupcake with a lemon butter cream frosting. I also went to one of my favorite apron shops online and found this fabulous green and purple apron to match my mood for the cupcakes.

Green and Purple Apron

Green and Purple Apron

Brunch for me means filling food that are thick and leave you ready for a nap until dinner time. That’s why I love this purple and green apron.  I found these fun purple cupcake holders from mardi gras that were left over and the yellow and green reminded me of the lemons and pistachios that I am using in the batter.  (BTW, you can buy the green and purple apron and find more by clicking on the image or links above).  What you cannot see in this picture, but you can on the site, is that this green and purple apron had extremely long purple straps on the top and the waist straps match the design and pattern of the fabric on the rest of the green and purple apron.  You can use these to tie a purple bow on top or a long elegant one in the back.  It sort of makes cooking and baking more fun when your outfit matches your meals and you can really get a good feeling inside when starting to mix the ingredients which I think helps add love and extra flavor into your dishes.

You always hear Chefs talking about cooking with love.  I completely agree that when you are cooking and feeling the food and putting love into it, it somehow comes out better like your good emotions help make the food more enjoyable, and the people who are eating food made with love can somehow tell and enjoy it more.  Things like this green and purple apron help me to motivate in the kitchen and feel even better about my recipes and put more love into.  I’m sort of tacky in that I always dress and decorate to match my food and themes for the meal, but at the same time it helps me set the mood and really add love into my meals.  I know my friends enjoy it as well and that is one of the reasons I love these apron shops.

Finding these fun designer aprons with the double rows of fringes, extra details and vintage or modern designs really makes it more fun to cook.  When my friends come early to dinner they always love seeing the clothes I’m wearing and these fun styles always get them to want to take pictures and get them in the mood to help.  Everyone loves fun clothing and all of that good energy somehow goes into the food and makes the meal even better.   Anyways, here is what I did to make my lemon and pistachio cupcakes.  I can’t wait for them to come out of the oven.

lemon cupcakes recipe

lemon cupcakes recipe

Lemon and Pistachio Cupcake recipe.

2 or 3 lemons

1 cheese grater

Lemon cake batter – and everything you’ll need for the mix

your favorite butter cream frosting recipe – or a canned version

1/2 cup of shelled pistachio nuts – you can do a full cup if you love them like I do

First mix your lemon cake batter and pour it into the cupcake holders or pan if you are not using holders.  Now drop some of the shelled pistachios in, you may want to chop them first and leave a few whole.  Now place them in the oven for as long as the recipe calls for.  While those are in the oven, make your butter cream or take the canned frosting and squeeze 1 lemon’s juice into it.  (I like to push the lemon against the counter and move it around with pressure before so I can get a ton of juice out).  Now mix the frosting so it all blends in.  (If you want more lemon taste, add more lemon juice).  Now chop 3/4 of the remaining pistachios and leave the rest whole.  You’ll also want to zest the lemons so you get gorgeous yellow zests for decoration.

lemon cupcakes mix

lemon cupcakes mix - my cat loves them too

Now put the icing in an icing bag and when your cupcakes come out and cool off, put the icing on the cupcakes.  (You can also pull out some of the center and pour in some extra pistachios so there is a good fun texture in the middle).  When all of the cupcakes have icing on them, sprinkle the pistachio chunks on them and then lightly drop lemon zests over them.  After you finish with that, take one whole pistachio and lay it on top of the cupcake.  If you really want to be creative, take a lemon wheel and cut 1/4 of it out and let the 3/4 wheel hang from the top to the side of the cupcake.

I absolutely love the smell coming from the oven right now and was inspired by this fun green and purple apron, as well as the ingredients in my cabinet.  If you like this recipe, don’t forget to come back and leave a comment after making it and also to buy the apron above to help keep this blog going.  Thank you for reading and come back soon.


Mint Green Aprons & Minty Green Cocktail Recipes

When I saw this mint green apron with polka dots at one of my favorite apron shops, I instantly fell in love with it and thought of cocktails because I just got back from a vacation in Mexico and the ruffled fringes on the bottom remind me of a Mexican or even Spanish Flamenco Dress.  When I first saw the mint green apron with polka dots, I thought that a fun circular lime tart or lime bars cut in circles with powdered sugar or a simple powdered supgar and milk glaze would be ideal, but this mint green apron makes me think of summer and serving fun and refreshing cocktails with friends.  So instead of doing a food recipe, here are some of my favorite cocktails that are minty, green or match this fun accessory perfectly for when you have company and don’t want to spill or splash anything on your outfit…not to mention the fact that it is super cute and slightly Spanish.

Women’s Apron Mint-a-liscious

For $25.95 you can find this fun mint green apron with polka dots at one of my favorite apron stores by clicking on the image or link above.  They call it a candy store styled apron but I think it’s fabulously flamenco.

The multiple layers of fun ruffles and the sexy cuts and stylish sides make this cool mint green apron a hot thing to wear when mixing drinks, prepping food and getting ready to serve guests on your patio, in your kitchen or when walking out to the backyard to check on the grill for lime shrimp skewers and to replenish a lime or cilantro guacamole.

The Mint Green Polka Dot Apron is one of the best selling green aprons and you’ll love the little bows on the right side that go over the top of the pocket and the comfortable straps on the back.  It features a smooth flat from without huge pouches and provides a great and flirty look for taller ladies who want to show off why their height is one of the sexiest things about them.  If you’re short or curvy, don’t worry because this style also helps to show off your curves and the ruffles help to make this almost like a dress to show your entire shape off and get the guys ready to dance.

If you want a fun mint green apron with polka dots that is unique, modern and fabulous, this is the perfect one for you and it also makes an awesome gift to bring to a summer party or for cocktails, margaritas and small sandwich parties.

Lemon Lime and Lychee Summer Love

This fabulous drink is super easy and super tasty at the same time. Just take two parts three olives lemon lime vodka and mix it with soda water and a splash of lychee juice or puree. Then take a lime and squeeze it in but only about half of the juice of the wedge. For a garnish, use anything from a mint leaf to a lime wheel.

Big Melon Mama Martini

This is a fun one to serve and say. Take a shot of Midori Melon liquor, a shot of lemon lime vodka and shake it over ice with sours mix. If it’s too thick for you, then mix in a splash of lime juice and a splash of soda water or just let it melt down in the ice in the shaker for an extra minute.

The Classic Mojito

This one is a bit more complicated but one that everyone loves. You’ll need a light or clear colored rum, mint leaves, simple syrup, club soda and lime wedges. Take the lime and the mint and crush them together into the cup. Then pour a couple of tablespoons of simple syrup over it. Add in as much rum as you’d like in your drink and then fill the rest with club soda. You can also put splashes of other flavors in to make different flavors of mojitos and garnish it with mint leaves, lime wedges or whatever fruit you used to flavor the mojito with.

Once you know which cocktails you’ll want to serve, don’t forget you’ll need the perfect serving accessory. Buy the mint green apron with polka dots above and show off as you mix and serve your favorite summertime cocktails to your friends. Please feel free to leave a comment below and don’t forget to share this post with your friends.

Chocolate Aprons Sale & A Pecan, Chocolate Pancakes Recipe

Last week when I was at the beach with my friends I made these amazing chocolate and pecan pancakes for everyone. When I saw the chocolate and brown apron below, it instantly reminded me of them and I wanted to not only share this fabulous Chocolate brown polka dot apron with you, but below the apron I’ll tell you how I made the pancakes that people could not get enough of.  I love the brown polka dot chocolate apron below for a ton of reasons.

The simple straps around the neck remind of the sitcom wife in the 1950’s who would stay at home and cook breakfast and lunch.  The colorful striped ribbon around the waist that ties into a bow is amazingly fun and I love the simple light robins egg blue pouch on the front to hold wash clothes, spices and decorations for your food.  The colorful ruffle around the bottom isn’t overdone to the point that it is tacky and it perfectly helps to make this chocolate polka dotted brown apron complete in its look and finish.  Because of the classic look and feel, as well as warm and inviting colors, I love it when I am thinking about warm comforting meals and foods.

I could see this brown polka dot apron being perfect for someone cooking breakfast in the morning.  It is ideal for things like brownies or fudge or even a chocolate frosted cake.  For some reason it screams baking to me and warm, chocolatey foods that not only make you feel good inside, but work to comfort you and remind you of when you were a kid and sat there licking the bowl of batter waiting for the final dessert to come out.  It’s kind of funny how we have those memories and how certain things like clothing can instantly remind us of them and make us remember how much we love them.  That is one of the reasons I love this vintage chocolate polka dot brown apron so much.  It reminds me of cooking with my grandma and watching old tv shows where the wives would wear something very similar to this.  It brings back a ton of good memories and also gets me in to mood to want to cook.  I guess this one isn’t diet friendly, but it definitely is good to get me in the mood to set up my double boiler and start melting chocolate for desserts and comfort foods.

brown and blue polka dot aprons

Women’s Apron Blue Chocolate– For just $34.95 you can buy this fabulous brown polka dot apron with robins egg blue straps and pockets.  It has a classic look and feel and will get everyone ready for breakfast and dessert.  Perfect for baking in, this chocolate and brown polka dot apron will help you motivate and cook with love so that your food can carry those happy and comfortable feelings with it to the table.

How I made my chocolate and pecan pancakes.

What I did was buy premade pancake mix and make it as instructed.  Then I took chopped pecans and dropped them into the batter.  I also candied a few with caramel on them and set them aside.  (You could also use brown sugar to season them).  Then I added a few pinches or spinkles of brown sugar into the batter so the pancakes would be sweet and poured the batter into the skillet.  As the edges dried and the top was bubbly, I dropped in the chocolate chips.  Then I would flip the pancake and wait until the other side was cooked.  After they are ready you plate them, then take your candied pecans and chop them with mini chocolate chips and place them on top of the pancakes in whatever pattern you would like.  Now serve a syrup of your choice (these are sweet enough to not need any) and watch as everyone enjoys them.  Just don’t forget to buy the brown chocolate polka dot apron above to make them in.