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How to Cook Eggs in Tomatoes – OMG Amazing!

How to cook eggs in a tomatoe

How to cook eggs in a tomato

I was at the store this morning when I had an idea…screw cooking eggs in avocados, let’s cook eggs in tomatoes.  The trick is that tomatoes are full of water or liquid so they can be hard to bake.  Luckily for you I figured out an easy way to make an amazing recipe for eggs in tomatoes.  Before I share this recipe, please don’t forget to click through the images of aprons and buy one.  When you buy one without using a coupon I get a small commission which helps me pay for this site and to bring you more fun recipes.

Now, here’s how to cook eggs in tomatoes as well as how I made my spicy pancetta eggs in tomatoes recipe.  [Read more…]

Egg & Avocado Birdsnests – Amazing Easy Recipe!

egg and avocado birdsnest

egg and avocado birdsnest

I made these avocado and egg birdsnests for fun the other month and people on Facebook went crazy over them, so I decided to share the recipe with all of you.  Before I give this amazing and easy  breakfast recipe for avocado and egg birdsnests, please take a minute to click through the links and buy an apron or oven mit.  By shopping through the links and image (and NOT using a coupon) I will earn a small commission which is what helps me to bring you these amazing and original recipes.

Here’s How to Make Egg & Avocado Birdsnests

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