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Honey Chicken in a Blackberry, Bourbon & Apple Sauce

So I was on the eliptical/stairclimber at the gym and randomly had a few cravings.  Of course I wanted a drink (wine from Schweiger Vineyards) but not bourbon.  However, a bourbon glaze or syrup sounded good at the time.  Unfortunately the taste for a bourbon based glaze passed but the idea behind cooking with it hadn’t.  That’s when I got a message from my partner that I need to cook him dinner this weekend.

That’s when it hit me. make a honey chicken in a blackberry, peach and bourbon sauce.  Then have a chocolate and cinnamon dipping sauce for it too.  Unfortunately peaches are not in season so I have to modify.

Today at the store I’ve substituted the peaches out for fuji apples, I should have done granny smith because the honey is sweet and then got everything else.  Once I got home I put everything away and began to plan my meal.  Let me tell you, holy crap and yum it’s amazing!  I also paired it with my rosemary and garlic tater tots, but I over processed them to make shaped potato pancakes.

apple and blackberry bourbon chicken recipe

How to Make Chicken with a Blackberry, Apple, Honey and Bourbon Sauce.

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