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Mini Fruit Pies – Perfect for Picnics & Parties

So making fruit pies scares me.  Getting the pie crusts to sit perfectly in the tin is a nightmare!  Yes, I admit it, I hate it, hate it, hate it…but that doesn’t stop me from trying over and over.  With that said, I discovered something magic that makes it the easiest thing in the world.  Mini pies.

Instead of trying to lay a perfect pie crust, you can use a basic cupcake sheet and simply push the crusts down.  Even if they fold, aren’t perfect, etc… it doesn’t matter.  The pies come out looking perfect and you can go as thick and somewhat thin as you want.  It’s a perfect serving size, delicious, easy to make and super fun!  Here’s my recipe for making mini pies in multiple flavors.

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The Ultimate Zebra Print Apron – Love This!

My friends over at Flirty Aprons decided to surprise me with a fun gift.  A random package showed up at my door and inside was a brand new zebra print apron with a three tier ruffled bottom.  Not only is this black and white and fabulous all over…but it is by far the ultimate zebra print apron you will ever find.  Seriously, even my bestie Adam stole it from me when we were making the Easter cake that will be posted soon.  Pictures to come of him showing it off.

If you want to skip the whole obsession about the zebra print aprons and just want to buy a zebra print apron, well, click the image below and you’ll be taken to the store that gave me the free one. If you do hang on and read through my rant, you’ll also get to see the easter egg cake we made…our goal was to take the “egg”cess candy and make something ugly but fun with it.

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