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Spaghetti Squash with Garlic, Spinach & Shrimp Recipe

So I fell in love with cooking spaghetti squash and am no longer intimidated by it.  I can easily cut them now, split them and cooking them is incredibly simple (especially with this awesome knife). It also turns out dinner guests have a ton of fun scraping their own noodles out of the squash so it’s a lot of fun to eat as well.

My friend is visiting from Brazil and asked if I’d make him dinner.  Since I had good luck cooking a spaghetti squash marinara the previous week, I decided why not give it a shot.  His only requirements are that I had shrimp and bacon in the dish.  Instead of just doing those, I also added chorizo for heat and garlic spinach because it’s delicious and brings all of the other flavors together.

This dish has a bunch of steps, but they’re all super easy and it only takes an hour to make.  It came out incredibly amazing and I highly recommend you try making it as well.  (I ended up not putting the chorizo inside for the images because it was better once I crumbled it and put it over the stuff on the plate after we scraped it).

spaghetti squash with garlic, shrimp and spinach

So here’s how to make my garlic, shrimp, bacon, spinach and chorizo spaghetti squash.   [Read more…]

How to Make Roasted Spaghetti Squash Marinara

I have never cooked a spaghetti squash before so I was a bit nervous.  After making my first, it is one of the easiest recipes that looks and tastes like it came from a professional chef.  I did cheat a bit and use a store bought spaghetti sauce, but I modified the flavor to make it taste more homemade and it matched the taste of the roasted spaghetti squash perfectly.

If you’re looking for a recipe with how to make spaghetti squash marinara, this is one that is incredibly easy and tastes great.  It also inspired me to come up with a few more twists which I’ll be trying shortly.

spaghetti squash marinara [Read more…]