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2012 Black Stallion Cabernet Reviewed

2012 black stallion cabarnet

If you’re looking for a dark, rich and oaky napa red, the 2012 black stallion Cabernet Sauvignon is the perfect varietal for you.  I origignally found this bottle at Costco when I was shopping and decided to give it a try.  I normally buy the Duckhorn  Cabernet from them since it’s about $15 below retail or the Decoy Merlot because it is roughly $15 as opposed to the $20 at Safeway or $25 – $40 at Harris Teeter and wine stores.

The Black Stallion Cabernet from 2012 isn’t something I would drink alone.  I bought it because it said it was rich in deep flavors with cocoa and dark fruits which is perfect for a TV night when I’m snacking and trying to relax.  This wine however did not meet those requirements, instead it gave me a different profile..   [Read more…]