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Seared Steak & Spring Succotash [Recipe]

I remember listening to my friends complain as kids when they had to eat vegetables.  Unfortunately my parents weren’t cooks so veggies (besides boiled string beans or carrots) were something rare for us to have.  As an adult I not only love them (probably because I didn’t have many as a kid) but I think it’s funny to watch kids freak out over them.  Once those kids grow up and see the price of them, they’ll be shocked when they think about how they rejected them as a kid.   That’s what I was thinking about when I was making a spring succotash last night for dinner.

Succotash is basically just a fancy way to say sauteed veggies.  The recipe below is a delicious and easy to make version for spring that tastes perfect with a seared steak.  It is a similar one to the one I got from HelloFresh.

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Citrus Skillet Cooked Shrimp [recipe]

If you want a perfect spring/summer dish, this citrus skillet cooked shrimp is the perfect one for you.  It’s bright and colorful, has a light citrus taste and is a lot of fun to make.  You get a ton of amazing smells and besides all of the slicing, it is really easy to do.   Below you’ll find a step by step post about how to make this.  It’s part of my series from HelloFresh.

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Stackable Breakfast Recipe – This one is fun!

I had a random thought last weekend when I was making breakfast, what if I could make it stackable for fun.  The original thought was to make a breakfast sandwich without the bread, but then I ended up deciding I liked to play with it more so I made a bunch of stackable parts.

The food looks great and it’s really easy to do.  You only have one tricky part, how high can you build it!  Below you’ll find how I made this as well as get my recipe for hashbrowns.

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Cinnamon, Chocolate & Berry Pie Recipe

I had to go to a party last minute and forgot to make a dessert.  I looked in my fridge and saw I had mixed dark berries, whipping cream and pre-made pie crusts…this made everything easy.  Within the next 3o minutes I had an amazing dessert baked, prepped, topped and ready to it.  I’m calling it my cinnamon and chocolate dark berry pie with cinnamon whipped cream.   The reason I’m calling it dark berry is that it will taste amazing with almost any dark berries.

If you want an easy and fast dessert, this is one you have to try.  The recipe below is broken out into three parts.

  1. The crust
  2. The filling
  3. The whipped topping

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Ross Andrew 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon Reviewed

Continuing with my new wines month idea, I decided to continue through March as well.  The most recent new vineyard I discovered is Ross Andrew out of Washington State.  The first bottle I bought from them is the 2013 cabernet sauvignon.  I’m always nervous when I try cabs that don’t come from Napa, so when you’re spending over $20 and sometimes closer to the $50 and $70 per bottle, you have to keep your fingers crossed.

So is this wine worth the money?

Ross Andrews 2013 Cabernet Reviewed [Read more…]