Abraxas Wine from Robert Sinskey Vineyards Reviewed

When I think of Napa whites, I think of Chardonnay’s like Schweiger Chardonnay and Miner Family “Yeast”.  I think big tastes, oak, butter and really cool small batch crafted wines.  So when my friend told me I had to try Abraxas from Robert Sinskey on my last trip, I was expecting my big bold wines.  I was very surprised that Napa has another white that defies what I love and still makes me want to buy it again and again.  That is the Abraxas white wine from Robert Sinskey.

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Miner Family Wineries “Yeast” Chardonnay – Amazing!

Are you looking for a new chardonnay to try?  The Miner Family Wineries “Yeast” chardonnay is one that you need to try.  It’s on the higher end of chardonnay’s as far as price goes, but the quality and taste is amazing.  Want to know what to pair it with and why it’s worth buying, read below.

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Staggs Leap Cellars “Karia”Chardonnay Review

The first time I had Karia by Staggs Leap I was at one of my favorite ramen restaurants here in DC, Chaplins.  They have incredible ramen soups and oddly enough a decent wine selection.  Between the High Flyer/Roller (I can’t remember which) Petite Sirah, the Decoy red blend and the “Karia” chardonnay from Staggs Leap Cellars, I was in heaven.  I was always excited to have the spicy ramen with the chardonnay so one day I decided to buy a bottle and bring it home.  That’s when it changed on me.

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Schweiger Vineyards Reviewed – The Best in Napa?

If you love Napa wines, especially the vineyards on Spring Mountain, you’ve probably been to Pride, Keenan and many others.  If you go the other way up through Napa Valley, you’ve probably done Mayacamas, Joseph Phelps and even Jarvis.  Although each has an amazing selection with unique flavors, there’s one wine that stands above the rest in our house.  That’s Schweiger Vineyards.

Last October I got to make a voyage to their vineyards (not even knowing I had been drinking their wines for years already).  We were met by a wonderful woman named Erin who walked us through the wines, did our tasting and made the experience perfect.  You can drink incredible glasses while looking over a beautiful vineyard and even get to meet a couple of wine dogs laying beside the patio.  They’ll bring you cheeses and meats while you watch the sunset and then you can top off with another worldclass wine to create the ultimate Napa experience.

If you haven’t been to Schweiger, call them now and ask for a tour with Erin Flanagen.  You won’t regret it.  So how did I get hooked even before going to the vineyard?  Simple, Schweiger wines have been a part of my life since college.

I discovered this when I started looking through all of my photos over the years.  Here are some of them below.  (As a heads up, I only have one photo of the older bottles.  You can’t really see the larger bottle label in some of the others.)

schweiger vineyards reviews

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