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Last week I was at a Blogging show and one of the merchants there gave me a cupcake print apron for women.  Not only is there cupcake print apron for women one of the cutest and coolest cupcake aprons out there, but it also inspired me to create a fun dessert dish to help get your kids to eat more fruits and actually enjoy them.  First I’m going to show you the cupcake print apron for women that I got and then I’ll walk you through how to create these fun fruit sesame street and cookie monster face desserts.  (If you do it on a cake or something larger you can use more detail and make them look better).

cupcake print aprons for women

cupcake print apron for women

Cupcake print apron for women – $34.95This fabulous womens cupcake print apron is available in womens sizes and we also carry it in girls sizes for your daughter.  You can also buy the matching oven mits if you really want to complete the outfit.The matching mother and daughter cooking aprons are absolutely perfect for a day of baking and bonding and something that will help you both really learn to love cooking with each other and spending time with each other.  You’ll both look forward to baking food on the holidays or even prepping for a fun party with friends and family or even just for the two of you to enjoy a fun girls day in with desserts and a movie.Buy cupcake print designer aprons for women by clicking on the image to the left or the link above.  Thank you again for reading this post and buying an apron so I can continue to bring you new and fun recipes as well as aprons for you to love.

Cupcake aprons are some of the best selling womens aprons around.  With shows like cupcake wars on the Food Network and cupcake shops opening up all over the country, everyone wants to have the perfect fun and flirty apron to match their new favorite dessert.  Cupcakes are perfect because they are small enough that you don’t eat an entire cake and they are able to satisfy your craving without letting you go overboard.  There are hundreds of flavors and decorations and icings you can use as well as sizes so you can get your fix all day long.  In some cities you even have cupcake trucks like curbside cupcakes here in Washington DC which help you to get your cupcake cravings under control.  That is one of the reasons I love these cupcake aprons for women.

They are cute to look at, fun to wear and extremely colorful so they can actually help to inspire you to do more in the kitchen and be more creative.  The fun cupcake print apron I got from the blogging show definitely has inspired a few new recipes to make fruit fun for kids as well as ways to decorate and arrange everything from pizzas to cakes and even sandwiches by coloring them.  I love when things are colorful and can help to inspire new designs and styles and make things fun for everyone and that is why I love this cupcake apron for women.

Sesame Street Fruit Desserts for Kids

cookie monster fruit cup dessert

cookie monster fruit cup dessert

One of the hardest things to do is to get your kids to eat healthy…especially when it comes to fruit for dessert instead of cake.  That’s why I like to mix the two together to make a dessert that is fun to look at and for your kids to eat.  Here is an example of a single serving cookie monster dessert for your kids.  I’ll also give you tricks on how to make Oscar, Elmo, Big Bird (with vegetables), The Count, The Orange one and a couple more.

You’ll need:

  • 1 sugar cookie or chocolate chip cookie
  • Whipped cream
  • Blueberries
  • Blackberries
  • Strawberries

First you bake your cookies or take a pre-made cookie and lay it in the bottom of the serving dish.  Then you can do a layer of cake above it or you can add in a layer of buttercream icing or even just some whipped cream.  If you want it to be healthier, then pour in more blueberries.

Once your serving dish is filled to the top with blueberries, take your whipped cream and make two large ovals towards the top.  Now cut the tops off of two blackberries and place them towards each other on the bottom of the eyes.

Now take a few blackberries and start arranging them into an oval that covers the bottom part of the serving dish.  You may need to take out some blueberries to get them to stay.  The middle picture is laying on top and the bottom is with them arranged in the blueberries.

The last step is to take your strawberry and cut off the top.  Now slice it in half and place the rounded part up for the tongue.

Then all you need to do is serve it to your kids.  They will absolutely love these desserts and you’ll love that they are eating fruit instead of just sugar and other desserts.  You can also get creative and use strawberries or cherries for Elmo (pit the cherries though), light purple grapes for the Count, green grapes for Oscar or you can use sliced Kiwi’s which looks better, Corn and carrots (slice the carrots into long strips) for big bird, use orange slices for the orange character and you can pretty much make any of the sesame street characters easily by finding fruits that are around the same colors as them.

Thank you again for reading and don’t forget to share this post on Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook by using the icons at the top of the post.  I’d also like to thank you for buying an apron or accessory through my link to help pay for this blog and the recipes I create.  However, if you use a coupon code, I don’t get credit for the sale so please check out directly after clicking through.  Thank you again and feel free to leave a comment below.

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