I Turn Grills On Men’s Apron & BBQ Chorizo Burger Recipe

The I Turn Grills On Men’s Apron is one of the best selling aprons for men.  Not only is it a funny one for him to be able to wear during a summer picnic or bbq in the back yard, but the long length, and thick single layered, durable fabric will let them feel confident that their clothes will be clean when they finish.  The I Turn Grills On black apron for men is the perfect gift for a bbq giveaway, an anniversary for the guy who loves to grill and even for Father’s Day from you or the kids.  He’ll love the funny saying and you’ll love watching as he shows it off to all of your friends and family during get togethers…not to mention you’ll love that his clothes have a better chance of staying clean from bbq sauce and other hard to get out stains.

men's i turn grills on apron for men

men’s i turn grills on apron for men

Men’s Apron “I Turn Grills On” – $25.95This is one of the most popular black aprons for men.  Not only does he love the ego boost he gets from the I Turn Grills On saying, but he’ll love the compliments he gets from everyone at your bbq.  Even if he isn’t a Bobby Flay, he can still turn heads in this fun and durable funny apron for men.The I Turn Grills On Mens Apron is perfect for a gift for Single Fathers, Girlfriends and Wives that are comfortable with their husbands or boyfriends wearing them, bachelors and for any guy who likes to show off and has a sense of humor.  Made from a lightweight yet durable fabric, he’ll be able to grill without overheating and feeling like he’s wearing a huge, heavy cloth.  Perfect for indoor and outdoor grilling, he’ll love wearing this apron and showing off for everyone at the cookout or party.

Buy the black men’s I Turn Grills On apron for that special guy and watch as he lights up with a smile and the grill to start to cook while wearing it.  It’ll definitely become one of his favorite bbq accessories.

Now that you found the perfect gift for him, it’s time to make him use it with a fabulous bbq chorizo burger.

What you’ll need:

Ground Beef

Raw Chorizo

Fresh chopped garlic

Fresh chopped red onion

Chihuahua cheese

Take your ground beef and mix in the garlic and red onion.  Now take a bit of the chorizo and pull the casing off of it.  Roll it into small pieces and after you make your burger patties, place one of the pieces in the center of the burger.  now take the rest and roll them out into disks.  Place the burger on the grille and take the Chorizo disks and put a layer on top of each burger.  If you have any chorizo links left over, which you will, grill them like a hot dog and cut them into slices.  Now lay the slices on top of the burger and let them cook through.  Now take a slice of the Chihuahua cheese and place it on top of the chorizo half of the burger.  Cover with a bowl or a lid and let the cheese melt onto the burger. (I like to put a garlic mayonnaise or sauce underneath the cheese, but that’s only because I love garlic).  Now take the burger and place it on a bun and you are ready to serve.

These burger are amazing.  They are spicy, moist and the cheese makes them absolutely incredible.  They are perfect for summer and taste great with white wines and citrus drinks.  Make sure you have enough of everything because they also taste great the next day if you crumble them and put them in a breakfast burrito or omelet.

Thank you for reading and don’t forget to buy the men’s I Turn Grills On black apron so that I can continue to share recipes and fun cooking ideas with you all.

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