Sassy Red Apron for Women & Alcholic Strawberries Recipe

Sassy Red Apron for Women

I am getting ready for an outdoor summer party and I was asked to bring one of my fruit dishes and with this crown I instantly thought my vodka and tequilla cream strawberries.  I also saw this sassy red apron for women and for girls and instantly fell in love with the combination.  Do you remember in the movie Tu Wong Fu Thanks for Everything Julie Newmar when they showed up to the town and the only event in the town was their strawberry festival?

Everyone in the town got together and dressed up in their favorite red clothes, red aprons for women and made their most fabulous strawberry recipes.  If they had the ones that I am going to teach you, trust me, that party would have been a lot more fun.

Sassy red apron for women

Sassy red apron for women

Sassy Red Apron for Women & Girls – $25.95The sassy red apron for women is also the perfect one to wear when making these fun alcoholic treats as well as baking a strawberry pie or really anything that is strawberry or red.  I absolutely love the way it looks with the red and white polka dotted straps on the top and the fun floral designs all over the front. The waist band is a great stripped pattern and because it ties around the back and onto the side, you have a design that lets  you show off an hourglass figure adding in a sexy look to some seductive food.Think about it, red food is romantic.  Chocolate covered strawberries, red wine, cherry brandy or dark chocolate pomegranate martinis and even dark red glazes over chocolate cakes and brownies.  They scream romance and flirt.  When you create these amazing dished in your new sassy red apron for women, it could only add those extra emotion and love into your food so that it comes out even more amazing!The front pocket carries the patten of the red and while polka dot neck straps and the fringe that accents the bottom matches the waist straps to complete this amazing and sassy look.  I could easily see Lucille ball pulling this one off or even any other sassy woman like likes to look good no matter what she was making or which kitchen she was in.  I would guess that she wouldn’t have been able to resist this one or the black version for her own kitchen after watching her on the show.  That’s just my opinion though.If you’re a smart and sassy lady, this red women’s apron is the absolute perfect one for you.  It is smart looking, cut sexy and also very modern with a vintage print.  I love it and know that you will too.
hollowed out strawberries

hollowed out strawberries

Ok, now here is what you were also looking for, my recipes for Alcoholic Strawberries for adult parties and valentines. There are two versions I am making for summer. (I use whipped cream in the summer and buttercream in the winter solely based on the taste an heaviness of them.) Vodka Vanilla Cream Strawberries and Chocolate, Tequila Lime Cream Strawberries.

For both recipes:

Cut the top and a part of the bottom off of the strawberries so there is a flat surface the berry can stand on on the bottom. Now hollow out each strawberry but do not cut to the bottom. Leave some room. (You can also save the tops and them back on later ontop of the whipped or butter cream, however the whipped cream can’t support them for long.)

Chocolate Tequilla and Lime Buttercream Strawberries

Chocolate Tequilla and Lime Buttercream Strawberries

Vodka Vanilla Cream Strawberries:

This is extremely easy to do. You take your heavy cream and drop a little bit of pure vanilla extract into it. Now whip it until it becomes whipped cream. (If you want to cheat, get cool whip or whichever brand you prefer. Cool Whip tends to last longer.) Now, take a splash of vodka teaspoon by teaspoon and add it into the whipped cream making sure it doesn’t melt down to much. Before you get it starting to melt, stop adding the vodka and you’re done.

Chocolate, Tequila, Lime Cream Strawberries:

I prefer these with lemon, but everyone else likes them with lime so feel free to switch them out. Take your heavy cream and add a couple teaspoons of dark cocoa powder to it. Beat it until it’s whipped cream and now take a small bit of lime juice and a high end or high quality tequila and start dropping it in, but stop before the whipped cream begins to melt.


Now take the whipped cream and place it in an icing bag. Now carefully insert the whipped creams into the strawberries and top with the top of the strawberry or use a small chunk of kiwi for green, blueberries or black berries for patriotic holidays or even a vodka soaked cherry to make it even more fun for the adults.

If you are transferring them somewhere or setting them outside, freeze a baking pan with ice and line the strawberries on the ice tray for looks and to keep everything cold.

I hope you enjoy these strawberries and don’t forget to buy the sassy red apron for women so that I can keep this blog running. You can also share this post on Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook by clicking any of the buttons at the top.

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