The Ultimate Zebra Print Apron – Love This!

My friends over at Flirty Aprons decided to surprise me with a fun gift.  A random package showed up at my door and inside was a brand new zebra print apron with a three tier ruffled bottom.  Not only is this black and white and fabulous all over…but it is by far the ultimate zebra print apron you will ever find.  Seriously, even my bestie Adam stole it from me when we were making the Easter cake that will be posted soon.  Pictures to come of him showing it off.

If you want to skip the whole obsession about the zebra print aprons and just want to buy a zebra print apron, well, click the image below and you’ll be taken to the store that gave me the free one. If you do hang on and read through my rant, you’ll also get to see the easter egg cake we made…our goal was to take the “egg”cess candy and make something ugly but fun with it.

zebra print aprons

My love for Zebra Print Aprons and How to Make an Easter Egg Cake

So my love for animal prints,,,even though she didn’t wear the black and white horse,,,started with watching the fabulous Peg Bundy (Katy Segal) on Married With Children as a kid.  Not only did she rock the prints, but she did it in almost every way possible.  Most of the time it wasn’t classy, but with a body like hers, the big hair, fun nails and awesome wit, she turned trailer trash into lavish life and that’s where the obsession starts.

In the opening credits she was making a salad, she’d watch Oprah while eating bon bons and I’d mimic her left and right.  Although I’m not a fan of leopard prints, this mimicking did help me find another style (mainly because of my aunt’s wall paper from the 70’s) and why I wanted to buy a zebra print apron.

Zebra print aprons are not only fun, but they’re wild, tacky, adorable, cute and oddly enough, completely fashionable when cut and styled the right way.  The zebra print aprons from the store above are everything you could ever want.  It starts with the fun print, matching straps and even three tiers of ruffled fabulousness.  If you want something that looks like a cute cocktail dress but protects your real one, you cannot go wrong when you buy zebra print aprons like the one above.

I’m overly obsessed with it, love it and even replaced my cupcake one with it.  For me to get rid of my old favorite it has to say a lot…and this zebra print apron does.  It’d fashionably fabulous and printed to perfection.  If you need a gift for the lady who has everything, you cannot go wrong when you buy a zebra print apron for her, especially through the site mentioned above.  I love, love, love it and anyone who doesn’t, well tough cookies for them.  Click here to buy zebra print aprons for women, girls and find a ton of other fabulous and fun styles.

And because we promised you a sneak peek at our ugly egg cake, here you go…it’s from behind.  😉

easter egg chocolate bunny and peeps cake

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