What is the Best Pho Restaurant in DC? Click here!

best pho restaurant in dc

When it’s cold and you’re craving that amazing taste, you don’t want to venture out to not have the best Pho in DC.  There are a ton of good Pho restaurants in DC, but none as good as the one we’re going to review.

I’ve tried the smaller one in Columbia Heights that people go crazy for, the one in Adams Morgan by Duplex Diner, and although they are great options, if you want the best Pho restaurant in DC, you have to try the one below.

They have a great assortment of flavors, awesome drinks and even great sides and appetizers if you’re really hungry.  Normally I share recipes and elaborate meals, but my friend and I have been going to this DC Pho restaurant regularly and we’re absolutely addicted to it so that’s why we want to share it with you.  As with all of our posts, the only way we can continue to pay for the site and bring you great reviews, recipes and more is when you buy aprons from our sponsors without using a coupon code so we get credit for the sale.  Please click through either of the two styles below to find a huge selection for women, men and even kids.

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Best Pho in DC

So where can you get the best Pho in DC?  You can try the one in Columbia Heights or Adams Morgan, but if you want the best, you need to head to Pho DC in Chinatown.

Pho DC
Address 608 H street NW Washington DC 20001
Tel : 202-506-2888, 202-506-2889
Fax : 202-506-2893

I’m obsessed with the lychee martini and my friend always tries one of their other drinks.  Asian restaurants aren’t known for having good cocktails so it was a great surprise to actually find one that did.  The better surprise came when we got the menu.

At this point we’ve tried a few of the appetizers and they aren’t bad.  They’re nothing to go crazy over, but they are worth giving a try.  The real thing you’re there for is the soup.

The noodle soup has a ton of flavor.  I always go for the spicy with the well done brisket and the rare brisket.  The rare will cook more as it sits in the soup.  They give you the perfect amount of basil and bean sprouts and serve it with both siracha and the darker sauce on the side so you can adjust or use it as a dip so it matches your own unique tastes.

In the picture above you’ll see the spicy noodle soup that I ordered and I also had the Vietnamese coffee.  Although I don’t like a lot of cream in my coffee, this was actually delicious.  I was shocked and so was my friend.

Based on the quality of the soup, the great drinks and the awesome atmosphere and service, Pho DC is definitely the best Pho restaurant in DC.  If you’re able to make it over to Chinatown, I highly recommend trying out Pho DC.  If you do, come back here to leave a comment and let us know what you think.

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