How to Make Delicious Garlic Chicken Friend Rice

green pea, chicken and garlic fried rice recipe

I love chicken fried rice.  If you tie in garlic, it’s even better.  Add in vegetables, you can pretend it’s even healthy.  However I was always terrified to try and make it.  It looks and sounds hard.  Eventually I got over my fear by watching a friend do it and so I took what I remember seeing him put in and tried making it on my own.

After about 5 or 6 attempts and tweaks, I finally created a really easy way to make fried rice.  The cool part is that this recipe for fried rice can use almost any vegetable or protein and it can still taste great.  Below you will find everything you need to make garlic chicken fried rice with green peas as well as how to modify for other ingredients and options to purchase them online since not every store carries some ingredients.  You may be able to find a few on Amazon prime too..I link directly to the amazon page for you.

How to Make Garlic Chicken Fried Rice

how to make garlic chicken fried rice


  • 1 bag of jasmine rice (use the instructions on the bag for the per serving.  I do about 1/4 pound I think when making it for 3 or 4 people).
  • 4 smacks of oyster sauce (here is the one I use)
  • 2 or 4 splashes of soy sauce
  • 1/4 to 1/2 cup of extra virgin olive oil
  • 2 pinches of sea salt and pepper
  • 1 or 1/2 clove of chopped garlic (depending on taste)
  • Protein of your choice and however much you want.
  • Vegetables of your choice and however much you want.

Don’t let the ingredients here scare you, they are actually very easy to work with.  The first thing to do is start steaming your jasmine rice.  Use a rice cooker, a pot or even your microwave.  It doesn’t actually matter how you do it.  The trick is making sure it isn’t over or under cooked.

Next cut up your protein, in the picture above I cute chicken breasts into cubes.  Then cook the protein in a pan.  I like to pour the extra virgin olive oil in the pan first because it gives the chicken that nice brownish cooked color and texture.   Once the protein is done cooking, turn off the stove and wait for your rice to finish.  I also like to add garlic powder to the chicken cubes when it fries for even more garlicy goodness.

easy to make garlic chicken fried rice recipeOne the rice has finished cooking, pour it into the pan with the chicken.  Next add your vegetables and then the other ingredients.  BTW, a smack of oyster sauce is when it’s upside down and you smack the bottom while shaking the bottle so it splatters out in a few dollops.  You can see above the four or five smacks of it.  You can also see where I poured the soy sauce so you know how much to use.

garlic chicken fried rice recipe

Now turn the stove up to a medium high and then stir and fold the rice over on top of itself.  Once you have it mixed together, push it down so you get a nice flat cake look too it.  Let it sit for a few minutes, then fold it over and mix it up again.  You’ll do this two or three times and then you’re done.

how to make garlic chicken and green pea fried riceIt’s that simple and easy to make garlic chicken fried rice with green peas.  You can change out any of the veggies and proteins as well to make it to your own personal taste.  You can do chili peppers and bbq sauce, basil and garlic or anything you like in your fried rice.  Now that I shared something with you, please help support my blog and buy one of the aprons or cooking accessories by clicking through one of the images below.

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