The Best Tater Tots Recipe Ever! – Easy to Make

I’ve officially killed the tater tot for you.  If you ever try one of the ones below, you won’t be able to look your old tots in the eye again.  Trust me, they are that good!  What’s even better, they’re easy to make as well!  But before you get into this recipe, remember to click on the Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest share button because when you finish reading, you’ll be ready to cook and might forget!

Ok, are you ready?  Here we go!

how to cook stuffed tater tots

How to Make Stuffed Tater Tots

This is super fun and really easy.  Also, if you mess up with your food processor, keep going until it’s liquified…if you look at the shapes, they were liquified because I over processed and they became potato pancakes.  There is pretty much no way to mess this recipe up!


  • 2 large russet potatoes
  • Cookie cutters (or you need to be a good sculptor) Here are the exact cookie cutters I use.
  • 1 full clove of elephant garlic
  • shredded or thin sliced cheddar cheese
  • prosciutto
  • 2 stick of rosemary
  • 3/4 cup of all purpose flour
  • Extra virgin olive oil or whatever you like to fry food in

Cooking Instructions

Now that you know what you need take the two large russet potatoes and peel them.  Next boil them for 5 minutes so you see a rim that’s less than an 1/4 inch tall around the center of the potato.

boiled potato for tater totsNow chop it into large chunks and throw it in your food processor.  Add in the garlic and rosemary and chop until you get tater tot size pieces.  Next take it out of the foood processor and dump it in a bowl.  Now add the 3/4 cup of all purpose flour.

Now is the fun part.  Mix it all together and then line the cookie cutters 1/2 full to the top with the mixture.  Now place in procutto and some cheddar cheese then fill to the top with the rest of the potato mixture.  You want to pack everything in tight so the formation holds.  If it doesn’t, then use multiple shapes and place them in your freezer for about an hour or two so they get cold and hold shape.

how to make kid friendly tater totsNow take a frying pan and add oil and heat it up so it can fry your tater tots.  You can also use a deep fryer if you have one.  Start frying one side and carefully turn it over (you don’t want to splash yourself or anyone else with hot oil…it hurts!) and then fry the other side.

how to make tater tots

fun and easy to make tater tots recipeNow carefully remove from the hot oil and place somewhere to cool.  I place them on paper towels so that some of the oil can drain and they’re a bit less greasy.  Once they cool a bit and are a safe temperature you can plate them and serve them.

rosemary and garlic stuffed tater tots recipe

Now sit back and watch as your family, friends or even just you go crazy over how good these things are!  Please also don’t forget to help support my blog.  Share this post on Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook, or click through one of my links below and buy an apron without using a coupon.  If you don’t use a coupon and buy right after clicking, I’ll earn a small commission.  It’s how I pay to keep the website up.  Thank you again for reading!

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