Tono Sushi in DC – OMG, Go, Go, Go!

My friend and I ate at a place after going to the national zoo last year and had an amazing time.  The problem is that we forgot about it until we did a training walk for his walk to help fight breast cancer (you can donate here).  Anyways, when walking by I said we have to go there and I finally know the name, Tono Sushi in the Woodley Park Adams Morgan neighborhood.

Not only is Tono Sushi the best sushi restaurant in DC, it’s a hidden gem.  The food is amazing, the music is weird since they play 1950’s styled pop and the drinks are ridiculously good (ya, I just said that about an Asian restaurant).  Even the dessert menu has multiple options and each one that we tried was delicious.  Tono Sushi is not your typical spot and if you look at the pictures below, you’ll get to walk through our meal and see why we both think that they are the best sushi restaurant in DC.

tono sushi

Ok, ready to see the food shots?  Ya, I’m really that excited about it that I’m spoofing a pinup display or some high end art gallery reveal.  Their food is actually that good.  It is nearly impossible to get good sushi in DC so finding Tono Sushi has been a dream for me…now if they could only move to my neighborhood instead of being in Woodley Park/Adams Morgan.

eggplant and red curryThis is what I had, the eggplant with chicken in a red curry sauce.  I can’t even tell you how incredible the flavors stood out against the milk broth.  They perfectly cooked everything so that the textures remained, even after soaking in the hot curry.  OMG amazing!

fried oyster sushi roll

This was my friend’s favorite.  It is the fried oyster sushi roll.  Not only was it huge (he regretted ordering two different rolls and splitting a fried rice) but he couldn’t stop eating it.  His mouth dropped when he saw it, he was stuffed half way through, but then he forced himself to have more room and make it through.  “More than worth the overstuffed belly!”.  This is a must have that he wouldn’t share and said we have to go back for.

kobe beef roll maki sushi

The next sushi he had was the Kobi Beef maki roll.  Equally as huge, this sushi came with three dipping sauces and a ton of extra lettuce.  Unfortunately he had no comments since his mouth was stuffed the entire time and he couldn’t stop to breath.  I’m guessing that means he liked it…I wouldn’t even have tried to ask since he was fixed on it.

chicken and beef fried rice tono sushi

Not remembering how large the portions at Tono Sushi are was a mistake.  We ended up ordering a fried rice with chicken and beef to split.  The fried rice was not pre-prepared.  It was very fresh and the chicken and beef were actually cooked, then it tasted like they were seasoned and added in to finish cooking with the rice.  If you think you’ve had fried rice before, think again.  It always tastes different when it is made fresh and Tono Sushi made it incredible!

fried honey bananas

To finish off the meal we made room for the fried honey bananas.  They were served along side whipped cream, drizzled with honey and sprinkled with powder sugar.  Unlike other places, these were crisp, not soggy and delicious.  The wrappers were crunchy but light and the bananas were gooey and good.  If you want a fun twist on a traditional fried banana, Tono Sushi in DC definitely delivers.

If you’re planning a trip to DC and you want amazing Japanese food, you have to check out Tono Sushi.  It’s right by the zoo and a perfect place to have lunch or dinner.  The price is reasonable, the food is amazing and you’d never expect it to be as incredible from the outside as it is once you try your food.  If you’ve ever eaten there, feel free to leave a comment below.

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