Floral Blossoms Vintage Apron & Spicy Lemon Chicken Burgers Recipe

When I was out jogging today I was trying to think what I wanted to make for dinner and to read with my new book that just came in the mail. All of the sudden I had an inspiration for a chicken burger that I haven’t made in a long time. When I think of summer, I think of foods that can be spicy and served with something sweet like lemonade and my spicy lemon chicken burgers are the ideal burgers to serve outside to guests with regular or a fun spiked lemonade. I also found this fabulous vintage floral blossoms apron that looks perfect to wear while you are making and serving your new favorite spicy lemon chicken burgers.   You can buy the green and purple vintage floral apron by clicking on the image or link below and you can find the recipe for my fabulous burgers just below the picture of the apron.  If you enjoy either or both of them, don’t forget to shop for the apron or share it on Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook with your friends.

Green and Purple Vintage Floral Apron – $31.95

This gorgeous green and purple vintage floral apron has a modern flower print but with a fabulous vintage feel.  With green neck straps and two green waist straps that tie around your back, you’ll look fabulous as you are preparing spring and summer dishes for your friends and family.
In the middle section of this fabulous green and purple apron, you’ll find a pocket on the right hand hip side.  The pocket has a fun green bow on top of it to help add the perfect accent onto this green and purple vintage floral apron.  The bottom has two rows of ruffles on it with the top layer the same vintage floral pattern and the bottom the fun green color from the neck and waist straps.  This pattern, layout and design is perfect for any woman who enjoys a classic vintage look with a modern feel and a fashionable accessory for cooking.  Perfect for spring and summer, everyone will want to know where you found this fun and unique vintage apron and you can let them know it’s just something you saw online, or send them here to the Aprons Shop.
This is one of the best selling styles from one of my favorite aprons shops online, so hurry up and buy it before they sell out for spring and summer.  I love this design and the double layers of ruffles on the bottom are completely unique and fashionable.  Show off with this fun and flirty green and purple vintage floral apron for your next party or event.

Spicy Lemon Chicken Burgers

If you’re looking for the perfect summer meal to serve with your brand new apron, my recipe for Spicy Lemon Chicken Burgers are absolutely perfect for you.  I thought of the recipe years ago and haven’t made it for a while, but will definitely be using it again this summer for my friends.

Ground chicken meat

Chopped garlic

2 Lemons

2 or 3 Jalapenos

Cheese of your choice (Chihuahua, Swiss or something white and creamy or strong)

Take skinless and boneless chicken breasts and have the butcher grind them.  If you can find ground chicken meat, then don’t worry about this part.  Now place the ground chicken meat in a large bowl.  Take two or three jalapenos and cut them into slices or rings and add about three rings per burger that you are making.  You can also dice them if you want.  I prefer jalapeno rings instead.  Add in the chopped garlic (you can add as much as you like so it tastes as strong as you’d like) and now squeeze two lemons into the meat.  (Only use one lemon if you are doing 3 or 4 burgers as the lemon comes out strong.

Take the burger meat with everything combined and mix it all together.  Now make your burger patties and throw on a very small dash of salt.  Now place the burgers on your grill and let them cook.  Once they are about done, take a slice or as much cheese as you want and place it on the burger with a lid or bowl covering it so it melts onto the burger.  Now place the burger on a bun and top the bun with a jalapeno ring and if you want, zest your lemons and place some lemon zests around the plate or on the burger as well if you have it opened face for a more fun presentation.  Now you have some amazing Spicy Lemon Chicken Burgers to serve with your favorite summer drinks.

If you enjoyed this recipe and this apron, please share it on Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter and don’t forget to buy this green and purple vintage floral apron to help keep this site running.

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