Modern Rose Print Apron and Fun Ways to Serve Caramel Apples

Halloween and the other fall holidays are definitely my favorite holidays of the year.  I love the foods with the apples, squash and pumpkins and everything else that you can only get in the fall.  The problem is that sometimes you can’t get everyone to eat fall foods which is why I like to make them a bit more fun.  Instead of serving butternut squash, I make chips out of it with cinnamon and cayenne peppers and instead of regular pumpkin pies, I add in random spices to make it either spicy or chocolate to make it taste different.  In this post I created to ways to serve apples with caramel that make caramel apples fun for adults for a dessert and the perfect way to get your kids to eat apples.  However, before we go into the caramel apples, here is the perfect modern rose print apron to match the recipe and serve your caramel apples with.

Modern Rose Print Apron

Modern Rose Print Apron

Modern Rose Print Apron– $31.95

This modern rose print apron actually features a fun vintage pattern but with a modern cut and design.  The print might actually be vintage, but the style and actual design of the rose print apron actually make it more modern.
These fabulous rose print aprons are white with a pink roses on it.  The neck and waist straps are a fabulous white fabric and are the same color and fabric as the second row of ruffles.  The main section of the apron is the fabulous pink rose print and it also matches the first row of ruffles.  This modern rose print apron also features a pocket on the front right section of the apron and is decorated with a white bow that matches the fabric of the neck, waist and bottom ruffles.
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These fun recipes for caramel apples are fun and easy to make.  You can either buy caramel sauce, or you can make your own by melting down unwrapped caramel squares or by actually making your own caramel apple sauce with corn syrup, sugar, water, heavy cream, etc…  Both are easy to do and actually kind of fun to make.  You’ll love making them and your kids and dinner guests will love eating them.

caramel apples for adults

caramel apples for adults

Caramel apples for adults.

This one is extremely easy to make and more fun to serve.  In the picture I just placed it on a cutting board, but you could easily serve this on a plate for each person.  All you need is two apples (I used fuji apples because I like that they are sweet and they are short and wide so they are easy to carve the insides out), caramel sauce and a knife.

Take your knife and cut the top part of the apple out.  Then take your knife and at an angle carve out a cone shape from the inside of the middle of the apple.  Now take your knife and put it in the apple so that it is at an angle and turn the apple so that you get a peel coming out and you can hollow out the inside of the apple for the caramel sauce.  Now take the caramel sauce and pour it into the inside of the apple.

Now take the second apple and use an apple slicer to cut exact slices and then place them along the side of apple.  Then take the top part and lay it against the side of the apple.  This makes an awesome presentation and is a fun way to serve a caramel apple for adults.  They can dip the slices into the hollowed out apple and if they are still hungry they can actually eat the rest of the apple which should still have caramel inside it.



Appleanterns for the kids.

This is a really fun way to serve caramel apples to your kids.  Instead of worrying about your kids hurting themselves with the stick, getting everything messy if the apple falls off or even getting caramel all over their clothes or your table cloth.  All you do is hollow out the first apple like you did for the apple above.  Then take a pumpkin carving kit that you could buy anywhere or buy clicking on this link.  Now carve out a face like you would for a jack o lantern and you have an applelantern.  Now take your applelantern and put the top of the apple top side down on the plate.  Then place the applelanetern on top of the top of the apple.  Now pour caramel into the top of the apple so that it comes through the mouth.  Then take more caramel sauce and pour it over the bottoms of the apples. Now you have a fun way to get your kids to eat apples and have a less messy and less dangerous version of a caramel apple.

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