High End Aqua Blue Aprons & Tea Cakes Recipes

I saw this aqua blue apron with a gorgeous chandelier pattern on it and instantly thought of a masquerade or a fancy dinner or even for preparing a fun high end tea party for the girls.  You could also use it to serve your own girls if you were doing a fun themed day of tea parties and spas with your daughter, or even for a tea party themed birthday party and have each of the moms or hostesses wear one. What’s also fun is that if you click on the image or link to view this one, there is also a pink version for girls to wear so that you can do a mother daughter cooking day or even for a fun day to teach her different things around the house.

I know it isn’t the modern woman thing to do, cooking and cleaning and teaching your daughter how to do it, but at the same time, cooking, tea parties and spa days are actually extremely fun and a great way for you to be able to bond with her.  Not only do you get to spend the day together doing things that will keep you both entertained, but you also get to talk and really catch up on everything.  Parenting can be hard which is why when you get a chance or can find a fun way to have some time to bond with your daughter, you should take it and use it to your advantage.  Not only will she remember it, but it’ll also help you to build more memories that you can bring up when she is older and both of you can think back and then do them again when she is ready to have kids as a three generation tea party.  It may sound old fashioned, but at the same time, some of these memories are what make families stronger and can help to bond generations of people together.

Designer blue aprons for women

Women’s Apron Aqua Damask– Just $34.95.If you’re like me then you loved Sex and the City when it was on.  If you’re Carrie, an apron would be an accessory that would be in the oven with her other storage items.  However, if you’re Charlotte, this aqua blue apron would be what you would use before dinner when serving your husband.Not only could I see Charlotte walking through a shop and stopping at this apron to go into one of her dreams about having a kid and buying the blue one for her and the pink kids version for her future daughter which she is always trying to have.  Not only is it completely a high class and conservative, but fun and fashionable aqua blue apron, but the black straps remind me of peacock feathers and the black waist straps that form a bow on your side are absolutely elegant.

The ruffled trip with a peacock patterned black fringe compliment the look of this apron and add in a sexy feel to the overall design while the black pouch on the front help to break up all the patterns and provide balance to this gorgeous aqua blue apron.  Because the waist straps wrap around to tie in the front, this aqua blue apron will help to show off your figure and if you are a larger person, you can tie it higher to help hide some of the curves that show in the wrong places and enhance your features where you want in the right places.  That is one of the reasons I am absolutely obsessed with the aqua blue apron.  It is classy, flattering and absolutely elegant and affordable.  It is above and beyond one of my favorites and a must have if you are the person who liked to look amazing while entertaining.

Ok, here are a couple of simple snack foods you can make and serve to show off the apron as well as your ability to entertain at a tea party with your guests or family and friends.

Cucumber Sandwhiches done my way

This is a recipe I altered for when I need to make something fast, simple and for when it is cool out.

  • 1 loaf of french bread
  • low fat cream cheese
  • Dill
  • 1 Cucumber
  • Campari Tomatoes or Heirloom (the dark ones)
  • Olive oil

Take the loaf of french bread and cut slices out of it.  I like to do it at angles so I can do more with the arrangement for plating.  Then drizzle olive oil over them and put them in the oven at 350 to toast.  You can also just toast them in a frying pan on the stove.  Now, while they are toasting, take the cream cheese and work it in a mixing bowl so it becomes soft.  You can also throw in a little bit of sour cream if you want.  Chop your dill and add it to the cream cheese and then throw in a bit of sea salt and pepper.  Now take the cucumber and tomatoes and slice them so they are round and fit on the toasted bread slices perfectly.  Spread the cream cheese mixture on the toast slices, top with either a tomato or cucumber, arrange on a plate and you’re done.

Two other fun foods to serve with this apron for a tea party are petitfores in pink and blue or if you can find animal shaped ones and you can also do iced cookies.  They match perfectly with the sandwiches and also for summer.  If you can match your aqua and blue apron, you’ll look even more impressive when you carry them out and everyone will want to know where you bought it.

The aqua and blue apron with the chandelier print and black straps is absolutely one of the most classy aprons you can find.  It is elegant, fun and has a great cut and features a ton of high end patterns.  You absolutely cannot go wrong with the aqua ablue apron for your tea party or day of cooking with your daughter.  You can also order the same one in pink if you’d like to have a matching one for your daughter to help bond even more.