Chocolate Aprons Sale & A Pecan, Chocolate Pancakes Recipe

Last week when I was at the beach with my friends I made these amazing chocolate and pecan pancakes for everyone. When I saw the chocolate and brown apron below, it instantly reminded me of them and I wanted to not only share this fabulous Chocolate brown polka dot apron with you, but below the apron I’ll tell you how I made the pancakes that people could not get enough of.  I love the brown polka dot chocolate apron below for a ton of reasons.

The simple straps around the neck remind of the sitcom wife in the 1950’s who would stay at home and cook breakfast and lunch.  The colorful striped ribbon around the waist that ties into a bow is amazingly fun and I love the simple light robins egg blue pouch on the front to hold wash clothes, spices and decorations for your food.  The colorful ruffle around the bottom isn’t overdone to the point that it is tacky and it perfectly helps to make this chocolate polka dotted brown apron complete in its look and finish.  Because of the classic look and feel, as well as warm and inviting colors, I love it when I am thinking about warm comforting meals and foods.

I could see this brown polka dot apron being perfect for someone cooking breakfast in the morning.  It is ideal for things like brownies or fudge or even a chocolate frosted cake.  For some reason it screams baking to me and warm, chocolatey foods that not only make you feel good inside, but work to comfort you and remind you of when you were a kid and sat there licking the bowl of batter waiting for the final dessert to come out.  It’s kind of funny how we have those memories and how certain things like clothing can instantly remind us of them and make us remember how much we love them.  That is one of the reasons I love this vintage chocolate polka dot brown apron so much.  It reminds me of cooking with my grandma and watching old tv shows where the wives would wear something very similar to this.  It brings back a ton of good memories and also gets me in to mood to want to cook.  I guess this one isn’t diet friendly, but it definitely is good to get me in the mood to set up my double boiler and start melting chocolate for desserts and comfort foods.

brown and blue polka dot aprons

Women’s Apron Blue Chocolate– For just $34.95 you can buy this fabulous brown polka dot apron with robins egg blue straps and pockets.  It has a classic look and feel and will get everyone ready for breakfast and dessert.  Perfect for baking in, this chocolate and brown polka dot apron will help you motivate and cook with love so that your food can carry those happy and comfortable feelings with it to the table.

How I made my chocolate and pecan pancakes.

What I did was buy premade pancake mix and make it as instructed.  Then I took chopped pecans and dropped them into the batter.  I also candied a few with caramel on them and set them aside.  (You could also use brown sugar to season them).  Then I added a few pinches or spinkles of brown sugar into the batter so the pancakes would be sweet and poured the batter into the skillet.  As the edges dried and the top was bubbly, I dropped in the chocolate chips.  Then I would flip the pancake and wait until the other side was cooked.  After they are ready you plate them, then take your candied pecans and chop them with mini chocolate chips and place them on top of the pancakes in whatever pattern you would like.  Now serve a syrup of your choice (these are sweet enough to not need any) and watch as everyone enjoys them.  Just don’t forget to buy the brown chocolate polka dot apron above to make them in.