Japanese Cherry Blossom Aprons and Soy Sauce Ice Cream

The other week I was at a blogging show and one of the booths was from Kikoman Soy Sauce and they were serving soy sauce ice cream which they were trying to tell people tasted like Salted Caramel.  Unfortunately for them, the soy sauce ice cream did not taste like salted caramel at all but instead was pretty gross tasting.  If you try to tell yourself it tastes like salted caramel then it can start to taste like it, but if you have taste buds or like salted caramel you’ll be disappointed.  Although the soy sauce ice cream didn’t taste anything like Salted Caramel, it did eventually grow on me and I was sort of craving it when I got back.  Luckily they emailed everyone who stopped by their booth the recipe for soy sauce ice cream so I thought it would make a fun post to share with all of you as well as a fun Japanese cherry blossom apron for women.  I’ll show you the Japanese cherry blossom apron first and then I’ll post the recipe below the Japanese cherry blossom apron for women.

womens japanese print aprons Women’s Japanese Cherry Blossom Apron– $34.95The women’s Japanese cherry blossom apron is the perfect apron for prepping a fun Asian themed meal.  You’ll look amazing steaming dumplings, rolling sushi and serving or setting a table with fans, chopsticks and everything else.  Besides having a fun cherry blossom print, the designer kept everything extremely Japanese.Besides being red, black and white, this apron has a clean and simple design that reminds me of the artwork you see in Japan or at an authentic Japanese restaurant.  The apron has a red neck strap that ties in the back and solid black waist straps and trim on the bottom.  The black waist straps and trim accent the clean and modern Japanese cherry print on the main section of the apron and there is a large red pouch on the front for holding anything you may need.

This is one of the best selling aprons and one that everyone loves for their Asian themed parties and even for fun.  Everyone will love the vintage pattern with the modern cut and they’ll be even more excited for your food when you’re ready to serve it.  You can also buy the matching oven mits by clicking on the image of the apron or the link above.  Buy it for a gift or just for fun and you’ll fall in love with it when you are prepping your next meal.

Soy Sauce Ice Cream


  • 3 eggs, separated
  • 5 tablespoons brown sugar, divided
  • 3/4 cup heavy cream
  • 1/2 teaspoon Kikkoman Soy Sauce


Using 3 bowls, place 3 egg whites and 2 tablespoons brown sugar in one bowl. Heavy Cream and 2 tablespoons brown sugar in another bowl. Finally add 3 egg yolks, 1 tablespoon brown sugar and the soy sauce together in the third bowl, simply stir to combine. Whip egg whites with brown sugar until it peaks. Whip heavy cream and brown sugar until it peaks. Combine whipped egg whites to the whipped heavy cream, mix thoroughly with the egg yolk mixture. Freeze until firm in a freezer safe container.