Roasted Chicken & Brussel Sprouts Paleo Lunch Recipe

roasted chicken and brussel sprouts recipe

So the other day my friend was coming over for lunch and he’s on a Paleo Diet.  I had no idea what a Paleo diet is so I ended up having to do research and found this site that defines what the heck it is, and is a resource so that everything is laid out clearly and and you can have the paleo diet made easy.  Although I don’t think I followed it exactly, I did come up with something based off of the site that uses no processed foods (except for the spices because I was too lazy to chop my own) and came up with a Paleo diet roasted chicken and brussel sprouts recipe that is amazing!

Not only does it taste great, but the prep time for this fabulous paleo friendly roasted chicken and brussel sprouts recipe is only about 5 minutes.  Then you bake it until the chicken is cooked and the brussel sprouts are the way you like them.  It’s basically a full proof and healthy winning recipe.  Here’s how you make it.  [Read more…]