Garlic, Basil and Avocado Chicken & Italian Inspired Aprons

My recipe for my garlic and basil avocado chicken is a brand new one that was inspired by a restaurant that opened up the street.  The restaurant does a garlic aioli on top of it, you could do a garlic mayo, but to be honest, when you modify it and make it the way that I do, there is absolutely no need to top it with this.  Before I give you this amazing recipe for garlic, basil and avocado chicken, I’d like to share two aprons with you that are Italian inspired.  Remember, by click through the links and shopping without using a coupon code I can earn a commission and keep this blog running with new recipes.  These Italian inspired aprons make great gifts for the holidays or just thinking of you.  If you know someone who might want one, you want to find a ton of other Italian designer aprons or that at least look Italian inspired, click through and buy something.

italian floral apron

italian floral apron

Green and pink Italian floral apron for women – $31.95

I don’t know why this pattern and print makes me think Italian, but for some reason when I see it I think of Naples or wine he country (even though the entire country is wine country).  I can easily see an Italian woman in the 50’s wearing this print or even from the 30’s, 60’s and possibly the 80’s because of the bold lines.  The pink flowers with the green accents make this gorgeous Italian floral apron for women a great gift for people who like vintage looks but with modern designs and cuts.
vintage italian floral apron

vintage Italian floral apron

Vintage Italian floral apron for women – $27.95

I don’t know why I love this one, but it reminds me of an old vintage or even antique and classic Italian pattern.  The gorgeous colors and flowers accent the three rows of ruffles and I love the ties around the neck.  The circular pocket with the bow on the front right hip looks classic and designer with an old world feel and modern twist.  If you’re looking for a vintage Italian floral apron without wanting a dirty, used piece of fabric.  This gorgeous design is available and usually on sale.  Click the image above or the link next to the price.

Garlic, Basil and Avocado Chicken recipe.

garlic chicken basil and avacado sandwich

garlic chicken basil and avacado sandwich

This is one of the easiest and most amazing sandwiches you can make.  You can also serve it as a dinner or any other way you want.  Normally I cut the chicken straight through into pieces and then pile it on the bun when I serve it as a sandwich, but because I wanted to show you what it looks like with the breast in tact for dinner I placed the breasts sliced on the buns.  If you do make a garlic aioli or mayo, you can place it on the bun.

What you need:

  • 1 Avocado
  • 2 Chicken Breasts
  • 1 Vine ripened tomatoe (small works great)
  • Basil
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Sea salt
  • Black pepper
  • A few cloves of garlic

Take your extra virgin olive oil and pour some in a pan.  Now take your chicken breasts and lay them in the olive oil so just the bottom of the breasts are covered.  Take a pinch of salt and throw it over each breast.  Now throw a pinch of pepper on each breast.  Next take a sharp knife and slice the breasts almost down to the bottom.  Let this start to cook on medium heat.

how to cook garlic chicken and basil

how to cook garlic chicken and basil


Now puree or chop your basil and mince or chop your garlic and mix them together.  take this combination and carefully rub it on the chicken breast and try to push it into the slices so everything has a ton of flavor.  Now cover the pan with a lid and let it cook.  While the chicken is cooking, slice a tomato, scoop out your avocado and slice it.  Arrange the avocado and tomato on a plate or place them on the top part of the bun or bread you are serving the chicken on.  When the chicken is done cooking, either place it on the bread or slice it through the rest of the way on a cutting board and line it up on the bread so it is easier to eat.  Place the avocado and tomato on it and serve.

garlic, basil and avocado chicken sandwich

garlic, basil and avocado chicken sandwich


This recipe for garlic, basil and avocado chicken is amazingly easy to make and everyone will love it.  The flavors blend together perfectly and everyone will crave it.  The presentation looks incredible and it tastes like it takes forever to make.  It is one of my new favorite recipes and I cannot wait to show it off for a dinner party.  Thank you again for reading and don’t forget to click through to buy an apron or any of the other fun cooking accessories like oven mits the advertisers carry.  Also, if you use a coupon code I won’t get credit so make sure to click through and purchase without leaving the site.

Vintage Blossoms Apron and Mediterranean Burger Recipe

Although I should have used this black vintage flower blossoms apron for women with the chorizo burgers recipe in this post, it still makes me think Mediterranean food…except I’m going Greek and Italian with this one.  One of my favorite places to eat in the world is the Mediterranean.  You have Nice in France, Naples in Italy, Kudasi, Tunisia, Barcelona, Morocco and a ton of other places with amazing foods that are almost 100% unique from each other.  I cannot tell you how much I love the flavors that come from the area as well as the unique spices and how they all have one thing in common.  They are comfort foods that you can eat and relax with while soaking in sun, feeling good and you can actually taste the culture and love that has gone into these ingredients over the years.  That is why I also love this vintage flower blossoms apron for women.

The black vintage flower blossoms apron makes me think of an old time in a Spanish kitchen with an Abuela (Grandma).  It also makes me think of when I was walking through Italy and saw the moms wearing similar colors and fashions.  The flower market in Nice made me love the blossoms on this apron and the decorative fringes, straps and ruffles made me think of Turkey and Morocco.  For some reason this vintage black flower blossoms apron for women brings together all of my favorite things with food from the Mediterranean and made me think of doing my fabulous beef Mediterranean inspired burger.  The burger is more Greece and Italy than anything else, but you will love it and love serving it at a party or to your family.  The recipe is just below the apron.

vintage flower blossoms apron for women

Vintage Flower Blossoms Apron for Women – $34.95This vintage styled black, white and red flower blossom apron screams fun to me.  Not only can you use it to make something Mediterranean like the recipe below, but it is also perfect for you to use when you are cooking with your daughter since it also comes in girls sizes (and for less money!).You can wear the matching vintage flower blossom aprons to help bond with your daughter and teach her family recipes for desserts like apple pies or entrees like your secret meatloaf or sauce that has been passed down from mother to daughter.  Every family has a recipe, whether it is a Brisket, a Cookie, a Cake Batter or something else that is traditional for your family and there is no better way to share and teach it to the next generation than by doing it together with matching aprons that resemble history or vintage like this fun and fashionable vintage flower print apron for women.  I absolutely love it and know that you will too.With the gorgeous waist wraps that form a bow on the side and the red and white polka dot neck straps and front pocket, it is functional, fashionable and fabulous.  You’ll also love the matching fringe that runs along the bottom to complete the design and match the waist straps.  This is an amazingly gorgeous and fabulous vintage apron for women that you absolutely cannot pass up.

Mediterranean Burger Recipe

For the Mediterranean Burger, you will need a few things to get started.

  • Baby spinach
  • Ground beef
  • Chopped garlic
  • Diced red onion
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Chopped kalamata olives
  • Sliced brown heirloom tomatoes
  • Crumbled feta cheese
  • Kosher salt and pepper

Now take a large mixing bowl and pour in a couple of table spoons of extra virgin olive oil.  Add in the ground beef and a few pinches of salt and pepper…depending on how many burgers you are making.  Mix all of this together (you can add in bread crumbs too if you want).  Now that its mixed, take half of your baby spinach and half of your feta cheese, all of the garlic and onions (measured to taste) and the chopped kalamata olives and mix them into the ground beef.  Once mixed well enough, create your burger patties.

Now grill or cook how you normally would and when they are almost ready, mix the remaining baby spinach leaves with the remaining feta cheese and place on top of the burger so it doesn’t fall.  Now place a lid over them so that they melt onto the burger nicely.  Now slice the brown heirloom tomatoes and place a slice on top then serve on your favorite bun.

Enjoy making these amazing Mediterranean burgers and don’t forget to buy the black vintage flower apron for women above to help keep this blog going with more fun and fabulous recipes.  You can also share this post on Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook by clicking on the icons above.  This is one of my favorite summertime burger recipes and I hope you enjoy it as well.

Floral Blossoms Vintage Apron & Spicy Lemon Chicken Burgers Recipe

When I was out jogging today I was trying to think what I wanted to make for dinner and to read with my new book that just came in the mail. All of the sudden I had an inspiration for a chicken burger that I haven’t made in a long time. When I think of summer, I think of foods that can be spicy and served with something sweet like lemonade and my spicy lemon chicken burgers are the ideal burgers to serve outside to guests with regular or a fun spiked lemonade. I also found this fabulous vintage floral blossoms apron that looks perfect to wear while you are making and serving your new favorite spicy lemon chicken burgers.   You can buy the green and purple vintage floral apron by clicking on the image or link below and you can find the recipe for my fabulous burgers just below the picture of the apron.  If you enjoy either or both of them, don’t forget to shop for the apron or share it on Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook with your friends.

Green and Purple Vintage Floral Apron – $31.95

This gorgeous green and purple vintage floral apron has a modern flower print but with a fabulous vintage feel.  With green neck straps and two green waist straps that tie around your back, you’ll look fabulous as you are preparing spring and summer dishes for your friends and family.
In the middle section of this fabulous green and purple apron, you’ll find a pocket on the right hand hip side.  The pocket has a fun green bow on top of it to help add the perfect accent onto this green and purple vintage floral apron.  The bottom has two rows of ruffles on it with the top layer the same vintage floral pattern and the bottom the fun green color from the neck and waist straps.  This pattern, layout and design is perfect for any woman who enjoys a classic vintage look with a modern feel and a fashionable accessory for cooking.  Perfect for spring and summer, everyone will want to know where you found this fun and unique vintage apron and you can let them know it’s just something you saw online, or send them here to the Aprons Shop.
This is one of the best selling styles from one of my favorite aprons shops online, so hurry up and buy it before they sell out for spring and summer.  I love this design and the double layers of ruffles on the bottom are completely unique and fashionable.  Show off with this fun and flirty green and purple vintage floral apron for your next party or event.

Spicy Lemon Chicken Burgers

If you’re looking for the perfect summer meal to serve with your brand new apron, my recipe for Spicy Lemon Chicken Burgers are absolutely perfect for you.  I thought of the recipe years ago and haven’t made it for a while, but will definitely be using it again this summer for my friends.

Ground chicken meat

Chopped garlic

2 Lemons

2 or 3 Jalapenos

Cheese of your choice (Chihuahua, Swiss or something white and creamy or strong)

Take skinless and boneless chicken breasts and have the butcher grind them.  If you can find ground chicken meat, then don’t worry about this part.  Now place the ground chicken meat in a large bowl.  Take two or three jalapenos and cut them into slices or rings and add about three rings per burger that you are making.  You can also dice them if you want.  I prefer jalapeno rings instead.  Add in the chopped garlic (you can add as much as you like so it tastes as strong as you’d like) and now squeeze two lemons into the meat.  (Only use one lemon if you are doing 3 or 4 burgers as the lemon comes out strong.

Take the burger meat with everything combined and mix it all together.  Now make your burger patties and throw on a very small dash of salt.  Now place the burgers on your grill and let them cook.  Once they are about done, take a slice or as much cheese as you want and place it on the burger with a lid or bowl covering it so it melts onto the burger.  Now place the burger on a bun and top the bun with a jalapeno ring and if you want, zest your lemons and place some lemon zests around the plate or on the burger as well if you have it opened face for a more fun presentation.  Now you have some amazing Spicy Lemon Chicken Burgers to serve with your favorite summer drinks.

If you enjoyed this recipe and this apron, please share it on Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter and don’t forget to buy this green and purple vintage floral apron to help keep this site running.