5 Recipes to Cook Eggs Inside Bacon (And Make Bacon Cups)

eggs cooked inside bacon cups (Learn to make the bacon cups as well!)

eggs cooked inside bacon cups (Learn to make the bacon cups as well!)

This week I decided to surprise my friends with a fabulous and fun breakfast treat.  I cooked eggs inside bacon and let the bacon turn into the serving dish by becoming a bacon cup.  I randomly came up with the idea, didn’t have a recipe or any clue how to cook them, and went ahead and gave it a shot.  I tried 5 different types of flavor profiles for them and each one turned out amazing.  Then again, how can you go wrong with eggs wrapped in bacon cups.  If you love bacon and want to learn how to make bacon cups or eggs cooked in bacon cups, you found the right place.

Before you check out the recipe below, please make sure to click through and buy an apron or cooking accessory without using a coupon.  I get a small percentage of the sale and that is what pays for this blog, the food and recipes I create and for the hosting to keep this site online.  If you don’t need anything from them now, then please just share this on Facebook, Twitter and/or Pinterest and hopefully someone else will.  =0)  Thank you again for reading and enjoy the recipe for how to cook eggs in bacon cups.

cook eggs wrapped in bacon cupcakes

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