Romantic Valentine’s Day Meringue Cookies Recipe

So I saw that meringue cookies only have roughly 30-35 calories (you’ll have to fact check yourself).  I had never made meringue before, but I was inspired and had an idea to make a really cool assortment of Valentine’s themed meringue cookies.  The first batch I tried to make was a serious failure, but the reason is that I didn’t know to keep blending the ingredients more.  I stopped when it was almost at soft peaks and gave up.  Don’t let this happen to you.  The end result is absolutely worth it!

Anyways, valentine’s meringue cookies are super fun, cute and really easy.  It’s a bit boring waiting for the egg whites to turn into meringue, but the payoff is worth it.  Below you’ll find step by step instructions as well as pictures for exactly what they should look like each step of the way.  If you get creative, you could make meringue cookies for any holiday like Christmas, Hanukah, Easter and others.

meringue valentines cookies recipe

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