TICO Restaurant on 14th Street Reviewed – Be Careful!

Crab Tostada at TICO Restaurant 14th Street

Last Tuesday my friend and I went to TICO Restaurant on 14th street in Washington DC.  TICO had only been opened for two weeks so we had to consider that they were only getting their training wheels on.  So with that in mind after finishing our meal we had to ask ourselves if could it have been better, would we go back, could it have been worse, where else would we go if we were craving modern Latino foods?

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It was very tricky to do our TICO reviews because normally we almost 100% agree on food.  This time it was a 100% split…on it.  So if you are looking for TICO reviews for the restaurant on 14th street in Washington DC, you can find out the answers and more with our TICO Restaurant Reviews below.  [Read more…]