Ventian Floral Vintage Apron & Crab Mushroom & Cheese Stuffed Tomatoes Recipe

Ok, I came up with the idea for these tomatoes because I was craving crab cakes and pizza but I am also trying to watch how many carbs and how much bread I eat.  Normally I would have put sourdough or another bread into the mixture, but instead I sweated the mushrooms and added a three cheese blend to make the filling.  Before the recipe though, let’s look at this gorgeous Venetian, Floral Vintage apronthat I found and will look perfect serving these stuffed tomatoes.

This womens apron from the Marilyn line is called the Venetian Rose.  I love the vintage apron venetian pattern that is used on the main part of the apron.  The neck straps have a gorgeous antique looking pattern to complete the top while the bottom of this venetian vintage apron has three layers of ruffles with the fabulous antique looking pattern and material making up the second layer.  I cannot get over how amazing this vintage venetian apron looks and they actually have a matching one for girls so that you can have a cooking day with your daughter in matching venetian vintage aprons.  This venetian vintage apron also features a small pocket on the right hand side with a patterned bow that matches the neck straps and middle ruffle to complete the entire piece.

vintage venetian floral print apron for women

vintage venetian floral print apron for women

Venetian Vintage Apron for Women– $25.95This fabulous design will look amazing when you are serving salads and the delicious cheese, mushroom and crab stuffed tomatoes.  Not only will the dish look fabulous against the background of your venetian vintage apron when you carry it out to your guests or the dinner table, but if you are serving a cocktail or beverage, the colors and patterns will accent the pitcher and glasses as you are serving them.What I love about this vintage venetian apron is that it is so classy and classic looking, but it is also perfect for just about anyone.  It has a gorgeous cut and three ruffles for a trim and is an absolutely timeless look.  If you remember the movie A League of Their Own, I could completely see Gena Davis’s character Dotty Henson wearing something like this.  It’s not only gorgeous, classy and elegant, but it is also functional and will help to show off how amazing you look.the colors are all very neutral which is perfect because it can match and look great on just about anyone.  Unlike other styles, patterns and colors, you don’t have to have a specific hair or skin type to look good in this.  It is basically a universally fabulous style and pattern and one that you cannot pass up.  Click on the image or link above and you’ll be able to buy this vintage venetian apron for women and really show off the crab stuffed tomatoes below.

Cheese, Mushroom and Crab Stuffed Tomatoe recipe.

cheese crab and mushroom stuffed tomatoes

cheese crab and mushroom stuffed tomatoes

I know this is what you all are waiting for. It is absolutely unbearably hot here in DC, so I wanted to make something cool and seasonal for fun. When I got to the store I found some great looking produce and fresh lump or bakfin crab meat and was inspired to make these tomatoes. This was the first time I made them and I didn’t use bread because I am trying to limit my carbs, but you could easily add bread into this to make it more meaty feeling and taste even better with a more full texture. You could also toast the bread lightly before adding it into the mixture as well.

You will need:

Tomatoes – I used regular vine ripened. You could also do small campari, roma or any type really. It depends how you want to serve them.
Crab meat – Do not use imposter or fake.
Basil – chopped or pureed.
Garlic – chopped
Three cheese blend – I prefer asiago, parmesan and fontina.
White button mushrooms
Red onion

Preheat your oven to 425 degrees. Now carve out your tomatoes so that you remove all of the seeds and as much juice as possible. Now chop up your button mushrooms and sweat them in a pan or pot to remove as much moisture as possible. Put the mushrooms into a bowl and add in cheese and crab meat. You can add as much crab as you’d like to taste. Throw in garlic to taste (I use 1 tablespoon for every two medium sized tomatoes) and if you want some chopped red onion. Now mix all of this together and stuff it into the tomatoes. Set the tomatoes in a souffle dish, cupcake pan or just on a cookie sheet (I like the souffle dishes because they stop the tomatoes from breaking) and place them in the oven for about 25 minutes or until everything is cooked. Now take them out and sprinkle some cheese on top of the tomatoes and place on the top rack under the broiler to get a nice cheesey crust on top. If you’d like, you can add the chopped or pureed basil around the top or place it on the side to dip in. Now you have some amazing crab, mushroom and cheese stuffed tomatoes.

Don’t forget to buy the gorgeous vintage venetian apron for women to wear while making these amazing tomatoes. Buying the venetian vintage apron will also help pay for this blog so I can continue to share recipes with you. You can also share this on Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook by using the icons above.