Spicy, Chocolate & Chardonnay Chicken Recipe & Matching Sage Apron

The other day I was dying for comfort food and didn’t feel like going to the store.  I also didn’t want to have to do much so I looked around at what I had in my kitchen and came up with a brand new recipe for a delicious and easy to make spicy, chocolate & chardonnay chicken recipe.  Not only is this recipe amazing comfort food, but because I sort of boil the chicken in chardonnay instead of frying it, I pretend its healthy for me.  Before I give you my spicy, chocolate & chardonnay chicken recipe, I want to share with you the perfect apron to match while you make and serve this delicious, decadent dish.  Remember, this blog is supported by your shopping for aprons without using coupon codes or clicking to another site when you shop, so please click the aprons link if you like this apron or want to find another and buy it without leaving the store to find a coupon or deal for the retailer.  they also feature a ton of other styles and accessories for you to choose from.

Yellow and Green Vintage Aprons for Women

Yellow and Green Vintage Apron for Women

Yellow and Green Vintage Apron for Women

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This is one of my favorite aprons to have around and recommend when you are making either fish or a fabulous chicken dish like the one below.  Not only is it a fun vintage floral print with yellows and greens and pinks, but it is also fashionable.  With a pink, yellow and green vintage floral apron pattern on the main section, green straps for the neck and bottom ruffle that also feature a fun vintage floral aprons pattern and a pocket to store or hold all of your cooking utensils, you can easily serve this dish or plate it for a fun and relaxing meal by yourself or with the girls.  This pink, yellow and green vintage floral apron screams chocolate and comfort food and also makes me crave a glass of chardonnay when I look at it.  I absolutely love this design and the colors and know that you will too.  Click here to buy it online.

Spicy, Chocolate & Chardonnay Chicken recipe.

So I was stressed out and wanted something that wasn’t too spicy and was definitely comforting, but healthy.  I combined two of my favorite things, chardonnay and spicy chocolate with something I could eat for lunch, chicken.  This recipe is extremely easy to make and something I highly recommend if you want some easy comfort food to make on the weekends or after work when you just want a glass of wine and to relax.

Here’s what you need:

  • 1 skinless chicken breast per person
  • Dark cocoa powder (regular cocoa powder will work too)
  • Ancho chili powder
  • Sea salt
  • Pepper
  • Chardonnay
chocolate chardonnay chicken

chocolate chardonnay chicken

Take your chicken breasts and place them into a container.  Now toss on a pinch of salt and pepper to season it.  Throw on about a half to a full tablespoon of ancho chili powder onto the chicken breasts and then throw on a couple heaping tablespoons of cocoa powder over the whole thing.  Now shake it up so everything gets covered.  Now you have two options.

1.  Pour in chardonnay and let is sit in the fridge for about an hour (This will wash away the spices since they didn’t get to sit, but you’ll still be able to taste them.

2.  Place it in the fridge for an hour and let it marinade.

Now take a large pan that has a cover and set it on the stove at about medium high heat.  If you used option 1.  Pour the entire thing into the pan and cover it.  If you used option 2.  Place the chicken breasts into the pan and then pour in all of the remaining powder from your dry rub and then add your chardonnay so it just starts to cover the sides of the chicken breasts.  Now let everything slowly cook for about 20 minutes with the lid over the pan.  You may want to flip the breasts and check on them half way through.  Once the chicken is done cooking just take it out of the pan and you are ready to eat once it has cooled off enough.

I absolutely love this new recipe for spice, chocolate & chardonnay chicken and know that you will too.  Also, don’t forget to click through the aprons and buy one to help support this blog (without using a coupon or discount code) so I can continue to bring you new fun and easy to make recipes.  Also, feel free to leave a comment below if you like or have any other variations of this recipe you’d like to try or add.

Vintage Blossoms Apron and Mediterranean Burger Recipe

Although I should have used this black vintage flower blossoms apron for women with the chorizo burgers recipe in this post, it still makes me think Mediterranean food…except I’m going Greek and Italian with this one.  One of my favorite places to eat in the world is the Mediterranean.  You have Nice in France, Naples in Italy, Kudasi, Tunisia, Barcelona, Morocco and a ton of other places with amazing foods that are almost 100% unique from each other.  I cannot tell you how much I love the flavors that come from the area as well as the unique spices and how they all have one thing in common.  They are comfort foods that you can eat and relax with while soaking in sun, feeling good and you can actually taste the culture and love that has gone into these ingredients over the years.  That is why I also love this vintage flower blossoms apron for women.

The black vintage flower blossoms apron makes me think of an old time in a Spanish kitchen with an Abuela (Grandma).  It also makes me think of when I was walking through Italy and saw the moms wearing similar colors and fashions.  The flower market in Nice made me love the blossoms on this apron and the decorative fringes, straps and ruffles made me think of Turkey and Morocco.  For some reason this vintage black flower blossoms apron for women brings together all of my favorite things with food from the Mediterranean and made me think of doing my fabulous beef Mediterranean inspired burger.  The burger is more Greece and Italy than anything else, but you will love it and love serving it at a party or to your family.  The recipe is just below the apron.

vintage flower blossoms apron for women

Vintage Flower Blossoms Apron for Women – $34.95This vintage styled black, white and red flower blossom apron screams fun to me.  Not only can you use it to make something Mediterranean like the recipe below, but it is also perfect for you to use when you are cooking with your daughter since it also comes in girls sizes (and for less money!).You can wear the matching vintage flower blossom aprons to help bond with your daughter and teach her family recipes for desserts like apple pies or entrees like your secret meatloaf or sauce that has been passed down from mother to daughter.  Every family has a recipe, whether it is a Brisket, a Cookie, a Cake Batter or something else that is traditional for your family and there is no better way to share and teach it to the next generation than by doing it together with matching aprons that resemble history or vintage like this fun and fashionable vintage flower print apron for women.  I absolutely love it and know that you will too.With the gorgeous waist wraps that form a bow on the side and the red and white polka dot neck straps and front pocket, it is functional, fashionable and fabulous.  You’ll also love the matching fringe that runs along the bottom to complete the design and match the waist straps.  This is an amazingly gorgeous and fabulous vintage apron for women that you absolutely cannot pass up.

Mediterranean Burger Recipe

For the Mediterranean Burger, you will need a few things to get started.

  • Baby spinach
  • Ground beef
  • Chopped garlic
  • Diced red onion
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Chopped kalamata olives
  • Sliced brown heirloom tomatoes
  • Crumbled feta cheese
  • Kosher salt and pepper

Now take a large mixing bowl and pour in a couple of table spoons of extra virgin olive oil.  Add in the ground beef and a few pinches of salt and pepper…depending on how many burgers you are making.  Mix all of this together (you can add in bread crumbs too if you want).  Now that its mixed, take half of your baby spinach and half of your feta cheese, all of the garlic and onions (measured to taste) and the chopped kalamata olives and mix them into the ground beef.  Once mixed well enough, create your burger patties.

Now grill or cook how you normally would and when they are almost ready, mix the remaining baby spinach leaves with the remaining feta cheese and place on top of the burger so it doesn’t fall.  Now place a lid over them so that they melt onto the burger nicely.  Now slice the brown heirloom tomatoes and place a slice on top then serve on your favorite bun.

Enjoy making these amazing Mediterranean burgers and don’t forget to buy the black vintage flower apron for women above to help keep this blog going with more fun and fabulous recipes.  You can also share this post on Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook by clicking on the icons above.  This is one of my favorite summertime burger recipes and I hope you enjoy it as well.