Mini Fruit Pies – Perfect for Picnics & Parties

So making fruit pies scares me.  Getting the pie crusts to sit perfectly in the tin is a nightmare!  Yes, I admit it, I hate it, hate it, hate it…but that doesn’t stop me from trying over and over.  With that said, I discovered something magic that makes it the easiest thing in the world.  Mini pies.

Instead of trying to lay a perfect pie crust, you can use a basic cupcake sheet and simply push the crusts down.  Even if they fold, aren’t perfect, etc… it doesn’t matter.  The pies come out looking perfect and you can go as thick and somewhat thin as you want.  It’s a perfect serving size, delicious, easy to make and super fun!  Here’s my recipe for making mini pies in multiple flavors.

how to make mini fruit pies

How to Make Mini Fruit Pies

This is a super fun and easy thing to make.  I accidentally deleted the pictures from when I made them, but I’ll take extras next time I make this recipe and and then post them here.

mini fruit pie recipe


  • 4 or 5 pints of your favorite fruits (I used blackberries, strawberries and blueberryies)
  • 1 can of blueberry or other fruit pie filling (if you don’t want to make your own)
  • 1 cup of all purpose flower
  • 1/2 to 3/4 cup of granulated sugar
  • 2 boxes of pie crust mix (if you don’t want to make your own…pie crust is actually very easy to make)
  • 1 cupcake sheet


  1. Pre-heat your over to 350 and set out your cupcake sheet.  Now carefully slice your strawberries and if you want chop your blackberries (depending on size).  Add them to a bowl and mix in half of your flour and sugar.
  2. Next you want to add in the pie filling mix (if you don’t then take some of the fruit and mix it with sugar and melt it down on low heat to make your own filling).
  3. As you mix in the filling, slowly add more flour and sugar until you get a nice coated fruit and it tastes good to you.
  4. Now roll out your pie crusts.
  5. Take the pie crusts and line the cupcake tin with them making sure that the crusts come up and over the sides a little bit.  If you cut them even with the tin, you will not be able to take the pies out.
  6. Now pour in your filling.
  7. Last, roll out the rest of the pie crust and either cut a circle, stripes to weave a top or use cookie cutters like I did to make fun shapes for the top of the mini fruit pies.
  8. Now bake them in the oven until they turn golden brown, let them cool and you now have delicious mini fruit pies.

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