Romantic Valentine’s Day Meringue Cookies Recipe

So I saw that meringue cookies only have roughly 30-35 calories (you’ll have to fact check yourself).  I had never made meringue before, but I was inspired and had an idea to make a really cool assortment of Valentine’s themed meringue cookies.  The first batch I tried to make was a serious failure, but the reason is that I didn’t know to keep blending the ingredients more.  I stopped when it was almost at soft peaks and gave up.  Don’t let this happen to you.  The end result is absolutely worth it!

Anyways, valentine’s meringue cookies are super fun, cute and really easy.  It’s a bit boring waiting for the egg whites to turn into meringue, but the payoff is worth it.  Below you’ll find step by step instructions as well as pictures for exactly what they should look like each step of the way.  If you get creative, you could make meringue cookies for any holiday like Christmas, Hanukah, Easter and others.

meringue valentines cookies recipe

How to Make Meringue Cookies for Valentines Day

meringue cookies for valentines

First you need to gather your ingredients…the martini glass in the picture was for me in case my meringue didn’t whip again…mostly joking.

ingredients for meringue cookies

  • 1 tablespoon of vanilla extract (I used one and a half because I love vanilla) Almond can taste good as well and so can peppermint…but be careful as they can be strong and use a bit less to start.
  • 4 egg whites or two egg beater packages
  • 1/4 teaspoon of cream of tartar
  • 2 tablespoons of sugar per egg white (I just fill a ramiken and add sugar until it tastes the way I like it)
  • Red food coloring
  • 2 ziplock bags
  • A hand blender or stand mixer with a whisk
  • A non stick cookie sheet

Now for the fun part.  Pre-heat your oven to 200 degrees and line your non stick cookie sheet with no stick spray or a silicon sleeve or non stick parchment paper than can go in the oven.  Anything to stop the cookies from sticking to your pan.  Next throw everything but the sugar into your mixing bowl and start the mixer on low.  Once everything is foam and you don’t see any liquid on the bottom, start pouring in sugar every couple minutes and increase the speed of the mixer to mid-high.

Eventually it starts to have a gorgeous shiney look to it.  Take a spoon and tap the top of the mix with the curved part.  If you get a bent peak, you have soft peaks. Below is an image of what soft peaks look like.

what do soft peaks look like meringue

Now pour in the rest of your sugar and turn your mixer to high.  Keep going with it in circular motions until you see it forming cool looking shapes on the top that are firm.  Then take your spoon and test it again.  Once you get larger peaks that don’t bend and stand straight up, you have firm peaks which is also meringue.  To double test this, tap the spoon and try to build large peaks in the bowl that stand on their own with little to no bending.  Below is what firm peaks look like.

what firm peaks look like meringue

Now it’s time for the fun.  Cut a small hole in the zip bags and add your favorite decorating tips.  You don’t have to use tips if you don’t want too.  the bags will pipe great shapes on their own.  I used two different tips to show you how they work below.

Take the first bag and fill it with half of the white meringue.  Now add red food coloring to the remaining meringue and start mixing it again.  Once it turns the color you want, add it to the other bag.

Now take the bags and make fun hear shapes, multi colored dollops and even spell out words (but make sure to pipe thick so they don’t flatten and burn).  Once you have your shapes done, place them in the oven until they start to bake.  If they get brown edges, they are done and possibly overcooked.  I personally like them with the brown edges and they can also look very nice on the valentine’s meringue cookies.  To avoid the brown edges, turn your oven down a bit since they’ll need to be in there for around 1 and 3/4 hours.  You also need to let them sit and cool down slowly inside your oven overnight if you don’t want cracks in your cookies.  I personally don’t mind since they taste good with or without cracks and I want to eat them right when they’re cool.

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