2012 Black Stallion Cabernet Reviewed

2012 black stallion cabarnet

If you’re looking for a dark, rich and oaky napa red, the 2012 black stallion Cabernet Sauvignon is the perfect varietal for you.  I origignally found this bottle at Costco when I was shopping and decided to give it a try.  I normally buy the Duckhorn  Cabernet from them since it’s about $15 below retail or the Decoy Merlot because it is roughly $15 as opposed to the $20 at Safeway or $25 – $40 at Harris Teeter and wine stores.

The Black Stallion Cabernet from 2012 isn’t something I would drink alone.  I bought it because it said it was rich in deep flavors with cocoa and dark fruits which is perfect for a TV night when I’m snacking and trying to relax.  This wine however did not meet those requirements, instead it gave me a different profile..  

I got a lot of dark plums, blackberries and tobacco flavor from this red.  Instead of enjoying it with a cheese like brie or a fruity pastry, it better matches with something nutty like a Gruyere.  I wanted to enjoy it with a pizza that had a spicy tomatoe sauce, but because of how thick and oaky it is, it would have paired much better with a steak and a mushroom or thick and heavy sauce.

The Black Stallion 2012 Cabernet is not a wine to just drink.  It’s one to pair with a huge and heavy meal.  The dark rich purple color of the wine is absolutely gorgeous and you’ll love as the bite kicks in when you drink it.  The smell is nice although not over powering and I will definitely serve it if I have friends over for a heavy beef dinner.  I hate duck, but if I would make a duck in a heavy sauce or red sauce, or anything that has a big earthy tastes like mushrooms, this is the wine you’ll want to serve.

The bone in ribeye I do each year on Thanksgiving could also be a good match, although the rosemary in the ribeye might not taste good or match well for everyone.  If you’ve tried this delicious and heavy napa red, feel free to leave a comment below and what you think it pairs well with or how you would match it and to what meal.


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