Abraxas Wine from Robert Sinskey Vineyards Reviewed

When I think of Napa whites, I think of Chardonnay’s like Schweiger Chardonnay and Miner Family “Yeast”.  I think big tastes, oak, butter and really cool small batch crafted wines.  So when my friend told me I had to try Abraxas from Robert Sinskey on my last trip, I was expecting my big bold wines.  I was very surprised that Napa has another white that defies what I love and still makes me want to buy it again and again.  That is the Abraxas white wine from Robert Sinskey.

abraxas review

Abraxas is a semi dry white that has a medium body and hits your palate with a nice, smoothe but semi dry taste.  You get a bit of a bite on the back of your tongue and it has a great feeling on your throat making it really enjoyable to drink.  You actually experience it from the smell to the taste, to the bite and then when you swallow.  It’s a perfect white for drinking slow as well as with a meal.  What’s also really cool is that the cork is made of glass instead of cork board.

I served this wine last night to my friend who came over for dinner and it was a perfect complement to the chicken de provence and farrow caprese salad we had.    The flavors of the fresh herbs and delicious vinegars were complemented by the dry and smooth wine.  The basil was a bit weird with this wine, but it still worked.  What really worked well was the mozzerella cheese, tomatoes and honey that were in the recipe.  The farrow also complemented the feeling from the wine making it a perfect combination.  Herb and spice wise, oregeno, thyme and cumin could have been much better for Abraxas.

Overall this is a unique wine.  If someone hates whites and loves reds, this is a good cross over to serve.  It goes perfect with typical white wine meats (chicken, fish and pork) and matches the more rich and Mediterranean herbs and sauces.  I don’t think they sell it in any stores, but you may be able to order it through a specialty shop.  Your other option is to go to the Robert Sinskey website and buy it direct from them.  If you do, they have a few good pinot noirs and also a great late harvest dessert wine.  If you’ve tried Abraxas or have been to Robert Sinskey, feel free to leave a comment below.  Thank you again for reading!

abraxas by robert sinskey vineyards

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