Decoy Chardonnay & Maroon Vineyards Cabernet [Review]

This week I had a lot of friends for dinner which meant a lot of wines.  That’s why I’m going to combine them into the same posts to help reduce too many wine posts on this blog.  So this week I’ll walk you through Decoy Chardonnay from Duckhorn Vineyards and Maroon Cabernet from Napa Valley.

Decoy Vineyards Chardonnay

Decoy Chardonnay

This Chardonnay is owned by Duckhorn Vineyards.  It’s their lower level line of wines but they are just about as good.  I love their Merlot more than I actually like the Duckhorn one.  Both their Cabernet’s are amazing and I love them both, but there Chardonnay is a tricky one.  I would never pay more than $20 for it and only if I’m making the type of meals I have listed below.

Decoy chardonnay is a very full wine that has a ton of butter and vanilla too it.  You get a little bit of oak from it and a bit of a bite, but nothing too substantial.  It isn’t extremely dry and can be sipped or given a real drink so it’s perfect with dinner or with friends over appetizers or watching tv.

I love this wine with cheese and meat plates, anything salty like the prosciutto wrapped chicken I made and anything that has a lot of salt.  This wine can also match spicy foods and mexican foods (cilantro would be a good complement even though I hate cilantro).  If you need something thick and full that has a lot of butter and vanilla, this is a chardonnay that will be perfect for your meal.  Here’s a picture of my cat checking out the bottle (I think he was trying to catch the duck).

Decoy Chardonnay Reviews

Maroon Cabernet from Napa Valley.

This wine was a surprise.  I had never had it before but it comes from one of my favorite areas in Napa so I gave it a shot.  I got the bottle for about $26 which is a pretty good deal.  The wine also ended up being a perfect fit.

Maroon Vineyards Cabarnet napa valley

Maroon Vineyards Cabernet is very light to drink and has a medium body.  I got vanilla and fruits from this wine and was able to sip and drink quickly.  I ended up drinking the entire bottle before I realized it was gone, but the weird thing is I don’t really remember much more of it.  If I saw it again and it was on sale, I would probably buy it again.  However if it wasn’t on sale, I would go with something that is more memorable for me.

I really enjoyed it and it is a perfect match for pepperoni pizza, a rosemary bone in ribeye or anything that has a strong peppercorn taste.  It is a great wine if you find it and worth buying at least one time, especially if you’re having red meat.  It’ll complement it perfectly and leave you happy.

napa valley cabarnet from maroon vineyards.

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