Miner Family Wineries “Yeast” Chardonnay – Amazing!

Are you looking for a new chardonnay to try?  The Miner Family Wineries “Yeast” chardonnay is one that you need to try.  It’s on the higher end of chardonnay’s as far as price goes, but the quality and taste is amazing.  Want to know what to pair it with and why it’s worth buying, read below.

miner family vineyards yeast chardonnay

Normally I like chardonnay’s to have an oaky taste to them.  This one doesn’t have that and instead has a big buttery taste that can match anything from a nutty cheese like Gruyere to a creamy one like fontina or brie.  You can easily drink this with friends without food or pair it with almost any white, yellow or garlic sauce.  It’s perfect for people who like white wines with meats like salami and is perfect for anything where you need a big tasting wine.

I wouldn’t recommend it for lighter salads like a caprese salad or something that doesn’t have weight.  This wine would overpower the food, which isn’t actually a bad thing.  Even if you’re not a chardonnay drinker, Yeast from Miner Family will become a favorite.  It’s one of those wines that is perfectly designed to help turn even the most snobby red wine drinker into someone who can appreciate a white wine every once in a while.

If you’re going to Napa, you have to make the trip to Miner Family.  They produce everything from an amazing Merlot to a Petit Sirah and this awesome Wild Yeast chardonnay.  It’s right in the middle of a ton of huge vineyards like Paraduxx, Staggs Leap and others, so if you want a break from the big crowds and vineyards, this is the perfect one to act as a buffer.  I love this wine and will definitely be ordering more once I go through the bottles I ordered when I did the tasting with them.

miner family chardonnay review

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