6 Perfect Wines for Election Night Parties

Throwing an election night party?  Regardless of who you support, chances are there will be one type of each voter at your event.  Below you’ll find a perfect pairing for each type of voter in the elections.

  • All Party Guests
  • Those Who Will Move if XY Wins
  • Undecided Voters
  • Cross Party Voters
  • Donald Trump Supports
  • Hillary Clinton Supports

All Party Guests – FreakShow Cabernet by Michael David – let’s face it, this election cycle has driven America into a frenzy…if you’re tired of the drama and your Facebook feed being over-run by friends who were once sane, a bottle of freak show is perfect for them.   This delicious and dry cab is available between $15 and $25 and you can normally find it at Costco or your local grocery store.  The runner up here is the Petite Sirah which features a circus theme.

freak show cabernet

Those Who Will Move if XY Wins – Migration by Duckhorn Vineyards – besides the ones who can’t control their outbursts, others just get quiet and swear they’ll move to Canada, Swizterland or anywhere but here.  For them, Duckhorn Vineyards offers a delicious brand called Migration.  I have yet to have a bad bottle and you cannot go wrong.  They make a delicious Cab, Chardonnay and plenty of others.  Send your friends over the border with a fabulous last drink and a fond memory of your party with this delicious wine.


Undecided Voters – Jam Jar Sweet Shiraz – There’s something to be said for each of the candidates.  You could like Gary Johnson’s antics and awkwardness, maybe you like Jill Stein.  It could be Hillary’s contributions to fighting for women, children and minorities or Donald’s ability to promise hope.  Maybe they’re undecided because they hate everyone…they’re literally in a Jam so Jam Jar sweet shiraz should be able to help sweeten this election party.

jam jar

Cross Party Voters – Irony – You join a party only to have a candidate that you don’t think can do a good job or that you feel doesn’t meet that party’s ideals.  Oddly enough, the other side has one who you feel could be perfect and does represent the ideals of the party you joined,,,that’s why Irony is our selection for cross party voters.  They don’t stay partisan but they do what they feel is best for our country.  A wine called The Crossing could be a close second…especially if they need something light to help keep their heads up and spirits high.


Donald Trump Supporters – 19 Crimes – we keep hearing them yell that Hillary is a criminal.  I did my research and couldn’t find anything she did that was illegal.  At least at the time.  On the other hand, when you look at Donald…look at current issues he’s having and upcoming trials that are going to court.  That’s why 19 crimes is the perfect wine for Donald supporters…they’ll think it’s for Hillary, but it’s really him.

19 crimes wine

Hillary Supporters – You have a choice here, Earthquake Cabernet or The Red Velvet Devil Merlot – She has two options, the red velvet devil because lets face it, although her voting record is clear, you may also be somewhere in the middle and feeling like you’ve made a deal with the devil.  On the other hand, she has shattered ceilings, broken down party barriers and done things that you would never have thought possible.  She shatters things everywhere she goes (in a good or bad way depending on who you talk too) which is why Earthquake Cabernet could be a good one for her supporters too.

the red velvet devil merlot earthquake cabernet

No matter who you vote for, what’s important is that you vote.  If you have a favorite wine that matches one of the types of party guests, feel free to leave it in a comment below.

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