Adalie 2014 Cabernet Reviewed

I love napa cabernets.  From the big flavors to the way they make you smile, you cannot ask for something more delicious from the region, except for big wines like the Miner Family Stagecoach Merlot.  When I saw this one show up on sale at one of my favorite wine stores, especially since I had never heard of it before, I figured why not.  It’s under $20 so lets give it a shot.  If you’re thinking of buying the Adalie Cabernet from Napa, you’ll want to read this.

adalie cabernet reviews

It was well worth the money.  Although it did not have the finish of the big napa cabs until I let it sit in my glass, it ended up being amazing.  If I would buy it again, I would either pour it through an aerator or decanter it only so that it can open up while I pour and so that I don’t have to wait to drink it.

The Adalie Napa 2014 Cabernet is full of dark fruits like raspberries, dark cherries and lots of tannin goodness.  I got all of the spice flavors I love like vanilla and cinnamon which makes this perfect for fall when you want to enjoy a glass of wine with desserts like ice cream, fresh baked chocolate chip cookies and even gingerbread.  It starts out delicious on your mouth and finishes leaving you craving more.  Next time I buy this one I’ll make sure to only have one friend at the most over since I won’t want to share, and neither will they.

The Adalie 2014 Cabernet is definitely a bargain at $20 and absolutely worth paying up to $40 for.  If I see at at the $30 or under range, I’ll pick up at least a bottle, but if it goes over the $40, I’d pass and go with something off of Spring Mountain.  You can get amazing wines from this area around that price.  If you’ve tried this wine, feel free to leave a comment below and let me know what you thought as well.

Adalie Napa Valley Cabarnet

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