Bordeaux Pessac-Leognan Chateau Mancedre 2012 Reviewed

Sorry I haven’t been updating the wine reviews as often.  I did just get back from a trip to Napa so I have some amazing new ones to share and a couple so-so options.  This Bordeaux came from the previous month so I have a short backlog of wines to review for you.

I opened this bottle on the night of the democratic debate before the NY primaries.  It was absolutely the perfect bottle to drink while I watched.  It has everything you could want and more while you drink and watch the debate.

This wine is a 60% Cabernet and 50% Merlot mix.  It gives a nice small bite but finishes smooth and washes down perfectly.  You can drink it with dinner and carry it over to watch tv or talk with friends, but I don’t recommend starting with it if you haven’t had something peppery or meaty to start your pallet.

Bordeaux Pessac Leognan  Chateau Mancedre 2012 Reviewed

I got a ton of dark fruits in it and a good lingering taste.  It’s very earthy and has some tobacco flavors.  Overall it’s a perfect wine to drink with anything from a peppery or herb filled white or red sauce, but you probably want to avoid anything too heavy that has cream in it.  You could also pair this with a dish that has fontina cheeses or even a baked brie or a Gouda.

I paid about $30 for my bottle, but it is supposed to retail for roughly $75.  I probably would not spend that much on it, unless I was at the vineyard, but if you do, you’ll more than likely enjoy it.  The most I would be willing to pay is $50 because I did enjoy it, it could be great to share with friends and may help to get a non red wine lover to give reds a shot.

If you’ve tried the Bordeaux Pessac Leognan  Chateau Mancedre 2012 and had a different experience or a similar one, feel free to leave a comment below.  If you know where to buy it at the $50 or under mark, please leave a link as this is worth the spend for that price point.  It’s not an everyday wine because it is expensive, but if you’re having a second date, cooking for a special occasion, or celebrating a 2nd tier event, this is a perfect wine to serve.

Bordeaux Pessac Leognan  Chateau Mancedre


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