Campo alla Sughera Arnione Rosso Bolgheri Superiore 2009

At $75 per bottle (retail value), you need to know if the Campo alla Sughera Arnione Rosso Bolgheri Superiore 2009 is going to be worth the money.  You could buy a bottle of Duckhorn and Decoy for close to that.  You could do my favorite Stagecoach Merlot from Miner Family and have enough for cheese and meats.  At $75, well you’re taking a risk if you haven’t had the wine before.  That’s why we’re here to help.

campo alla sughera arnione rosso bolgheri superiore 2009

Last night I made adobo chicken tacos with a mango slaw and delicious lime cream sauce.  The recipe won’t make it to this blog because some things are too delicious to share…and I have others that I want to give you first.  That’s when I ended up stressed out with work and some other things.  So what better way to destress than by opening a bottle of wine.  That’s when I saw this one on my counter and decided to go for it.

I did not have to pay the retail of $75 for campo alla sughera arnione rosso bolgheri superiore, mainly because I found it on sale and if I was going to re-order it, I wouldn’t pay $75.  For my taste, it doesn’t stand up to that fee.  It could be a good $35 to $40 wine, but I’d only buy it around the $25 mark to be happy.

Much like other Italian wines that are blends of Cab, Merlot, Petit Verdot and Can Franc, it is dry.  Instead of continuing to dry your tongue and mouth, this one actually finishes nicely and leaves you with a calm feeling.  Once it opens up more, the bite goes away and the real flavors start to come out.  That means you want to let it sit out for at least 30 minutes before drinking.

What I loved is that I got a ton of licorice and plum flavors in the wine.  It is perfect for a fall evening or winter night.  It would not be something I’d enjoy as much in the summer or spring.  It matched the adobo flavors perfectly and would be amazing with steaks or red meats.  You could easily match this to medium and thick red sauces making it perfect for italian food and steak houses.  Overall I did enjoy this wine, but I would not pay full price for it since it isn’t what I really enjoy.  I have some friends who would go crazy over this and absolutely be ok with going retail.  It depends 100% on your personal taste.  If you haven’t tried it before and see the campo alla sughera arnione rosso bolgheri superiore 2009 on sale, go for it.  It’s one worth trying.

campo alla sughera arnione rosso bolgheri superiore review

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