Michel Schlumbergur Art Series Cabernet Reviewed

As part of my month of new wines I bought a bottle of the Michel Schlumbergur Cabernet Sauvignon when I found it on sale.  This 2013 blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah ended up being a really nice surprise.  Michel is an established wine maker so when I found the art series on sale for aboutu $30, I had to try it.  That’s roughly 50% off retail price.  So how did it taste and should you buy it?Michel-Schlumbergur cabarnet art series review

The art series is a really fun promotion they’re doing.  They’re taking local artists and featuring them on their bottles.  This one is called “Napa Blue” I think.  It said it on the bottle but by the time I looked again I was already drunk so I couldn’t read or remember.  Sorry about that.  Seeing the gorgeous painting was a wonderful thing because when I poured the first glass, I remembered why I loved wines from this area.

Spring mountain is beautiful.  It’s where one of my favorites Schweiger and Keenan vineyards are.  This delicious red is perfect for me to sit back and drink by itself.  It got better as it aired out, but if you decanter it, that’ll mean you have enough self control to watch it without drinking…I didn’t.

The Michel-Schlumbergur art series cabarnet pairs amazingly well with lighter steaks like a carne asada or chicken with a heavy and thick sauce or gravy.  You could drink this with lasagna and it’ll pair perfectly, but it also works awesome with anything that is heavy on spinach flavor wise.  Instead of the black fruits that I normally like, this had more of the black versions of red ones.

I got some oakiness but not too much and a ton of black cherries and black raspberries.  Because of the lack of oak, it made it perfect to take large sips instead of smaller ones which is also the reason I ended up drinking the entire bottle so quickly.  This bottle is easily worth up to $50, but I wouldn’t recommend buying it at retail, unless you fall in love.  If you find it around the price I did, buy it immediately, you’ll hopefully love it as much as I did.

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