the D’Amare 2007 Red Blend Reviewed

So I’m addicted to this new site introducing me to a million new vineyards that I haven’t heard of before.  Unfortunately you cannot read real customer reviews on it, but you can get good wines for cheap.  In honor of my new found addiction, I’m going to be doing a review of each bottle here.  Once I’ve heard back from the owner of the site, I’ll see if I can do a promotion for all of you and be able to share their service.  So let’s start.  The first bottle I’m reviewing is the 2007 D’Amare red blend (Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot).

D'Amare 2007 Red Wine

So the D’Amare Vineyards 2007 red blend is pretty darm good.  The problem with it is that is is just good.  It isn’t one of those memorable wines that you crave, want and hope for again.  It’s dry, light on your palate and it goes down easy.  That’s all awesome for a table wine, but for one that is a fine wine I hope for something a bit more.

When I’m drinking a wine that costs over $20 a bottle, I want something that stands out and that I can remember.  The color is beautiful and it is very easy to drink.  It’s clear why it is considered fine, but I don’t really remember it much.  When I have a cabarnet from Joseph Phelps or Mayacamas, I remember where I drank it, the flavors, feelings on my tounge and how amazing it was.  The D’Amare 2007 red is one where I can’t remember any of that.

Overall, if you find this bottle for $20 or under, go for it.  It’s very enjoyable.  Anything above that price point you’re better off with decoy cabarnet or merlot.  They’re able to give you something to crave and want to drink again, where this one is delicious, but just doesn’t leave you with a good memory or wanting it again.  If you’d tried this blend, leave a comment below and let me know what you think.

Here’s a photo of the color so you can see that it is beautiful and is worth the price, but only for a one time drink.

D'amare vineyards

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