Robert Sinskey Vineyards Red Blend Review

Last night I had the neighbors over to start binge watching a new tv show.  Although the show wasn’t a new one, we were watching Dynasty from the 80’s, the red blend we were drinking from Robert Sinskey vineyards in Napa Valley was.  I love their Abraxas white wines and they make a late harvest that could easily beat the NY and Canadian competitors so I had high hopes for their organic red blend.

Unfortunately the wine had either spoiled or it was not what I remembered from the tasting we did there.  Read more below.

Robert Sinskey Red Blend Review

If you’re wondering if I always and only share things I love, you’re wrong.  I try to do honest reviews.  Normally I share things that are amazing because I want to give you the best, but I was torn with this.  Robert Sinskey makes amazing Pinot Noirs.  I hate pinot noir (they all taste like cough syrup to me) so when we had the non pinot noirs at the tasting, I fell in love with this bottle.  That’s why I bought it.  Unfortunately we didn’t get to try their Petit Sirah which is by far my favorite red wine.  They probably could have sold me a case or half case if they would have poured it, but no big deal.

When we opened the bottle the frangrance came out and although it smelled incredible, I noticed there was a vinegary smell to it as well.  I poured it and the color was gorgeous.  Unfortunately the wine tasted like water and vinegar, not something you’d expect from an established and amazing vineyard like Robert Sinskey.  My bottle either corked or I got a defective one.  I’d blame it on myself normally for buying while drunk,,,that happens, but this was the first vineyard on our tour that day so I was 100% sober during the tasting and when buying the bottles.  That’s why I think this was just a bad one or it went bad.

That does not mean you shouldn’t buy it or visit them.  They have incredible reds, their Abraxas white wine and late harvest are amazing and I’ll give them credit because it is the first time I’ve ever actually finished a Pinot Noir in a tasting.  It is 100% an amazing vineyard and tasting and the views are incredible.  The sommeliers are knowledgable and the snacks they pair with the wines are amazing.  This is just a random bottle that went bad which unfortunately also means I can’t give it a good review, but everything else I ordered and drank was incredible.  If you like Pinot Noirs and organic grapes/wines, you’ll probably go crazy for this one.  One of my friends did love it and finished the bottle for me so it could also just be my personal taste and preference.  I’ll stick with the merlots, cabs and petit sirahs, if you like Pinot Noir and fun crafted reds, this one could be for you.

Robert Sinskey Red Wines

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