2013 Staggs Leap Artemis Merlot

When you’re buying wine and the bottle costs over $40, you want to know if it’s good or not.  I’ve spent $75 on a bottle and been disappointed and have also spent $12 and loved it.  However, when your wine is reaching the higher price points you need an honest opinion.  You won’t find it when you read the wine snob blogs or the distributor sites, especially when it comes to large vineyards like Staggs Leap.  That’s why I don’t let them sponsor me.  I can say exactly what I think.

With that said, here’s my review of the 2013 Staggs Leap Artemis Merlot.

Staggs Leap 2013 Merlot review

I love it!!!  Not only do I love it, but I would drink this at least once or twice a week.  I had guests over and we opened what I thought was going to be delicious, but turned out to be corked.  Luckily I had just gotten back from a Napa trip and the amazing Josiah introduced me to the Artemis Merlot.  I had already fallen in love with Karia and their other chardonnay and the Petite Sirah is really good, so when I fell in love with the Merlot, I have a new go to for restaurants, happy hours and TV nights.

If you want to pair this delicious Napa red, I highly recommend marinara sauces, light red cream sauces (not thick like alfredo) and anything that is a bit spicy.  If you even do a garlic sauce but add in chili flakes, that could work.  Pizza will match it nicely and it pairs perfectly along side fruit platters with medjool dates, California figs and meats like a black peppered salami.

I love this Staggs Leap Wine Cellars Merlot and know that you will too.  It is pleasing to most red wine drinkers regardless if you want a big bite or something more dry.  Yes it won’t do well if you like leathery, tobacco and extremely dry, but if you’re ok going into the big flavor profiles, this one will not disappoint.  I will absolutely be buying this one again and highly recommend you do it too.  If you’ve tried their 2013 Merlot, leave a comment below with what you thought.


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