Sylla Sebaste Bussia Barolo 2010 Review

I love Barolos so when I saw the Sylla Sebaste Bussia Barolo 2010 on sale I had to buy and try it.  Barolos come from a small region in italy and have everything you love about italian foods in them.  Espresso flavors, dark fruits like plums and they can be medium bodies but taste lite or heavy on your palette.  That’s why I was excited to buy this one at the price I found it at.

My friend came over for drinks and movies which is when we decided to open it.  He hates white wines and had never had Barolo before which is why we went with this one.  So how was it?

Sylla Sebaste Bussia Barolo 2010

We both loved the 2010 Sylla Sebaste Bussia Barolo.  When I first opened it we didn’t aerate it which was a mistake.  It almost tasted like cough syrup to me like Pinot Noir does.  After we let it sit and decanted it, it breathed and became amazing.  The bottle was actually gone within 30 minutes and we ended up opening another right after.

This bottle had a light taste with lots of vanilla, espresso and dark fruits.  It drinks easy once you let it breathe so make sure you don’t instantly pour, toast and drink.  It was supposed to have chocolate and leather tastes to it, but I didn’t get them at all which was disappointing, but overall it was an awesome wine for the price I got it at.  I wouldn’t buy it full price I do other Barolos, but if it’s on sale for $40 or less, it’s worth giving a shot.

It’s perfect for lunch with a sandwich, summer/spring foods and salads or even with lighter dinners that have bread.  I wouldn’t drink it with heavy foods or sauces but it can be great with beef ribs and fruit.  We both loved this wine and it was a perfect Barolo to introduce him to the varietal.  If you’ve had the 2010 Sylla Sebaste Bussia Barolo and either liked or didn’t like it, feel free to leave a comment below and let us know what you thought.

Sylla Sebaste Bussia Barolo 2010 reviewed

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